slow roast duck

It has been a tremendous success every time, and no matter how much I hope for them we’ve never had leftovers. Use a pair of poultry shears to remove the duck neck and trim the neck skin. When you’ve almost forgotten the duck, 5 hours later, you will suddenly smell a wonderful aroma coming from the kitchen. Happy cooking and hope the duck turns out great! I ran across your recipe….we are amassed how fantastic it is. Our Duck dishes all use the best cuts of duck breast from select farmers. Hi Maggie, You can now disregard received wisdom about how to roast a duck and produce a gorgeous one with very little effort. Hi Nick, I’m so happy to hear you like this recipe! Duck de Marietta (The Best Slow Roast Duck), 23 Vegan Chinese Recipes for Your Next Holiday Dinner Party, Ding Ding Chao Mian (丁丁炒面, Fried Noodles in Lamb Tomato Sauce),,,,,,, Sui Mi Ya Cai (碎米芽菜, Preserved Mustard Greens). Sign up to receive our 5-Day Chinese Cooking Crash Course and recipe updates. But you don’t need to do anything during the roasting. Perfect as is. While resting the duck, cook the fruit sauce. I finally know how to cook a perfect duck. … So very similar. The first time I dealt with a whole duck, I slow cooked it Mediterranean style. It generated nearly duck-confit texture. I did it in a small roasting pan and the only thing I’d change would be to pull off the lid for the last bit to crisp up the skin a little. We love Duck, finally I found the best ever recipe, thank you s much. It smelled amazing! Roast it as follows for 4 hours at 300 degrees. Is this a necessary step and if so do you keep it on for the whole time? So glad to hear you like the recipe as much as I do Dyana! The white wine (or sparkling wine) and jam method is my go-to sauce for most of my duck dishes. Also, when reheating it states to reheat in a roasting pan, should it be placed on a rack?? Serve warm with extra sauce on the side. The night before T-giving I made cuts in the fat. I plan to do this more often! I stopped when the internal temp was 172F. Take the duck apart. Happy cooking Troy! Transfer the giblets from the duck to the plate. After that, put the whole duck into the marinated sauce for few hours (the best result is overnight). It’s like a dry confit. I’m not afraid anymore. I’m a little nervous of it being over cooked but after reading everybody’s comments I think I’ll be ok! A restaurant recipe that requires minimal effort and yields the best results. 9 ratings 4.8 out of 5 star rating. Hi Philip, glad to hear you enjoyed the duck. Thank you so much. Thanks I was planning on putting it in the oven overnight on the 24th so as to leave the oven free to cook other things on the 25th, then popping it back in the oven half an hour before serving to reheat and crisp up. I used a little of the broth/rendered fat, as is, like a minimalist gravy. Enjoy! I found a few recipes online, two that suggested cooking it at 400 for 45 minutes, flipping it three times, but comments were critical and complained of dry meat… I tend to overcook, and hate it when I turn a good cut of meat into jerky. Got 2 ducks ready for roasting! It might become a bit thicker after storing in the fridge but you can bring it back by heating it gently and stir in some water if needed. And for goodness sake, save that duck fat for future use. Happy cooking and let me know how the dish turns out , Hi Maggie My husband and I just finished our wonderful duck dinner. Made this yesterday. Stuff citrus inside of the duck, using as many fruits as you can. The skin was indeed amazing, but the meat quite dry, and the citrus a complete waste (I knew that, I have never found that stuffing the cavity a poultry with herbs or anything actually flavors the meat. Reduce the oven temperature to 160C/140 Fan/Gas 3 and slow roast for 2½ hours, basting from time … I’m gonna read up more on the eight treasure duck and maybe do some experiments. Thinking of roasting a Christmas goose or duck? I loved the idea of just letting it cook all day and giving me a break after doing lots of cooking for Christmas Eve. DO NOT pull out the duck now. Hello Maggie, just wanted to thank you for this lovely recipe. Hello, Transfer into the oven and preheat to 260 degrees C (500 F). You can make the sauce 1 to 2 days prior serving day. It’s my favorite duck recipe too . I had a small duck about 2kg. So long as you keep that fat in the end, it's all good. Hi Amber, I’m afraid I cannot provide a great answer since I’ve never cooked the dish using other stuffings. I prepared this yesterday, 12/30/18 with the most satisfying results. When you start to worry that you’ve roasted it for too long and suspect the duck meat has lost its moisture, your dinner is ready. An Australian duck cooking virgin here! We’re spoiled by ubiquitous perfectly roasted Peking duck, a luxurious yet affordable dining choice that we enjoy a few times a year. When the liquid comes to a simmer, taste it and adjust the flavor by adding more wine or jam. I cooked a 2.5 kg duck for 5 1/2 h on 100° C, then 1 1/2 h on 110° C and finished off with 15 min on 230° C. The only other small modifications I made was to put a whole topped off garlic in with the citrus fruits and to add some paprika and black pepper along with the salt on the outside. I think I’ve poured it off during the cooking, though. Would I need to adjust the cooking time? Hi Adelina, I’ve never tried to use this recipe to cook smaller cuts. The meat was spectacular and the skin crackling crispy, the best duck any of us had ever eaten. Guests loved it. Made this yesterday to celebrate a birthday. It requires a long, slow roast. I am originally from Beijing, and now cook from my New York kitchen. Do you suggest any adjustments to time or temperature? And you’ll need another 10 minutes to cook the sauce and serve the duck. Hi Jack, I think for a smaller duck with a lower temperature, you probably need 1 or 2 hours less. Around 2 AM I turned up the heat to 500 for ten minutes, and pulled it from the oven to cool, then put it in a container and into the fridge overnight after taking a heavenly taste. 0/4. Cooked at 250 for 7 hours, then upped the temp to 500 for 15 mins. Mix well. Thanks in anticipation! That duck was amazing we wil definitely be making that atand again We went with a n apricot preserves mixed with kung fu girl Riesling wine for the fruit sauce and it was amazing Thank you again. Marinate for 5 minutes. Hi, is it possible to get the same juicy results if the duck is not whole but cut up into pieces before baking or is it going to dry out? I’m actually cooking it now for thanksgiving, it’s been in the oven for 5 hours and 30 min @ 225f. I love this recipe. It’s really great . I was on my own for Thanksgiving yesterday and had already had a duck ready to cook. Be patient! Can’t wait to make it again. Tomorrow we cook! Thank you for sharing it. Transfer into the oven and preheat to 260 degrees C (500 F). Hi I'm Maggie Zhu! There are so many intimidating recipes out there. Submitted by julievalley Updated: September 28, 2015. Love the detailed simplicity of your recipes. I’d like to try this but was curious if the duck is covered in the baking pan or uncovered during cooking? Yeah I think it will go well with a bitter orange sauce. So I rinsed it, scored the skin, rubbed it with sea salt and smoked paprika, and instead of citrus filled it with a handful of garlic cloves and couple of black garlic cloves, stitched it shut and put it in the oven at 250 (I have a convection oven, fans, not full convection, so put it on the middle rack as temperature would be even) around 8 PM, and went back to work at my computer. Red Wine Gravy. I’m glad to hear the recipe worked out for you, and you enjoyed the dish Roast Duck with Honey & Rosemary. It turned out fantastic: crispy and full of flavor. Hi Maggie, we are making for Christmas dinner. Maybe I should quote you in the blog post . The skin will crisp up nicely once you reheat them in the oven. So happy to hear you enjoyed the dish! BEST. We choose better quality meat with less fat and more flavour, and slow roast them with a blend of Chinese herbs and spices until it’s crispy skin is bursting with flavour and the meat is tender all the way through. I used a Mary’s duck from CA and had to turn the oven up to 325 at hour 7 to render more fat for 30 more mins but it turned out beautifully. The only ducks available are six pounds. Thank you so much!! Your post gave me the confidence, it was laid out so well. I’ve made this twice… a Maple Farms duck at Thanksgiving, and a Kirkwood duck today. Roast potatoes are the classic use, but to be honest- nearly everything is better cooked in duck fat. This step further crisps up the skin. If I were to pass on the fruit side of things, maybe stuff the duck with stuffing, how would that effect cooking time? Add a teaspoon of cornstarch and season with salt. Serves 4-6. Truss duck; set in large casserole dish or medium roasting pan. If I line my pan with citrus and place the duck pieces skin side up right on top of the citrus, would that work too? So glad I found your recipe today as I was trying my first attempt at duck! Hi Laura, sorry I got back late again. Wow wow wow. Thanks!! It’s cooked slowly which allows the meat to remain tender and juicy and it’s served with a delicious port and five-spice sauce. Probe got up to 180 in the breast. Watch Delta’s Jim Fisher demonstrate his method for perfectly cooked waterfowl. For those who enjoy a savory sauce, head over to the Mediterranean duck recipe and cook the olive sauce. Can’t wait to eat leftover duck tomorrow with the sauce on the squash sourdough bread, panini style! Hi Bryan, I’m glad to hear the method worked for you! I made this recipe for Christmas yesterday. There are a few good ways to serve the duck. Rinse the duck … The slashes in the skin did not work. Hi Trish, you shouldn’t cover the pan while cooking the duck. To the Asian grocery store I go! As for the gravy issue, you could try out the fruit sauce if you do not mind a sweet sauce. Way way too high to be edible. Roast Duck Crown with Duck Crousillant & Red Wine Jus. I can finish half a duck myself. I wish I have a better answer but I cannot promise a good result without testing the method. cheers The aroma from this magnificent duck permeated the air as we entered our home guest in tow and they beamed as this scent greeted our arrival.Upon plating with jasmine rice and our Mandarin rum orange sauce and a few side salads we were exhiliarated by deliciousness of this splendid bird. Should I follow your idea of increasing the temperature as you suggested for the 5.5/6kg duck or just stick with temperature and timings as suggested in your recipe? The usual problem is either the legs are done and the breast is dry or the breast is good but the legs are raw. Roast Duck with Honey & Cardamom Glaze. You can also subscribe without commenting. You might accidentally crack the skin apart or pull a leg off. The long cooking time is to allow more fat to be rendered, and for the breakdown of the collagens which would otherwise make it tough and stringy. Absolutely perfect. If you’re not serving the duck right away, wrap the meat in aluminum foil and let it cool down to room temperature. Save for later use. I rubbed the 1st duck with half of the dry rub. Flip it over then pour some grease over the skin. The cooking method is quite similar to that to make a confit duck, and the meat is actually technically cooked to doneness long before the time is up. Here’s the basic technique I use to roast a duck. This looks so good, and I am making it for Christmas this year. DUCK. Any suggestions on how to adjust cooking time for this small bird as it’s 1kg less than the recipe? Thanks for this recipe. The cooking temperature is so low that it will naturally bring back the temperature of a refrigerated duck. Let me know how the ducks turn out and I hope you enjoy them . You will be amazed when try to move the duck onto a carving board. Happy New Year! We love duck and usually go through a long, involved process of brining and drying before roasting. Put it to one side to add to the pot later. At the end I drained off the fat but added the remaining drippings to the sauce. It was tasty and less fatty than imagined and very good. 250’ for 6 hours 15 minutes. Carrots & Parsnips. Should I bring the duck to room temperature before cooking? I’ve tried it a few times. It’s the first time that I ever prepared a duck and I’m so glad I did. I’ll try to use this recipe to make a Cantonese roast duck soon. I’m just an old guy, not much of a cook but this was a breeze to make. You do not need to flip the duck or monitor the process. After seeing the guest list I knew I had to buy another. Just tried this slow cook technique and the duck and the breast came out tender! You also actually get the wings which normally get pretty much incinerated with other methods. The stuffing will keep the duck meat hot. I also made the sweet sauce with cherry preserves, it was wonderful as well. My second goof up was I didn’t put it on a rack. Hi Donna, the duck is uncovered udring cooking. Christmas Vegetables with Bacon, Apples & Cider. Go to reviews. If you want a change from Christmas turkey, try TV chef Sophie Grigson's juicy duck alternative for your Christmas dinner. I had never tried cooking a duck, until THIS perfect recipe. It was a 1.9kg duckling so cooked it at 120C for 5 hours then at 260C till really crispy. The only ducks available are six pounds. This was brilliant. Bake until the duck heats up and the skin turns crispy, 10 to 15 minutes. Put the duck into the oven. She didn't say to remove the accumulated fat, and the old versions of slow roasted duck will often tell you not to. Hi, Maggie. And the table setting sounds so lovely. I baked this in a Dutch Oven using the backbone as my “rack” (so I could use all those glorious bits for duck stock after everything was said and done). 13 ratings 4.7 out of 5 star rating. I think it won’t work as well as the whole duck because the meat will lose some juice during the baking. In the past I would get crispy skin but the meat would dry out at higher temps. If yes, does the baking time and method change? Place duck on the V-rack, breast side up. After 7 hours at 110 degrees Centigrade with a 10 minute finish at 200 degrees it was still moist and tender with great crisp skin. A bigger bird requires longer time to roast, and timing can be tricky if you’re cooking for a party. The husband and all 5 children loved it! Mine was fall off the bone tender in 6 hours at 120 degrees C. I did mine in the evening of the 24th and just reheated for Christmas lunch. It’s also very easy to adjust to personal taste. Stunning! Perfect and so easy. Oh and, in the same way I’ve done other duck recipes over the years, I covered the bottom of the pan with vegetables (in this case, it was thick slices of sweet potato); it guarantees the duck won’t stick to the bottom of the pan. It scents the air, but that’s it…). make it again. Absolutely easiest best tasting roast duck!!!!!!!!! This recipe uses the slow-roasting method to yield moist, tender duck meat with crisp, golden skin. The duck is stuffed with citrus, then slow cooked until the meat is falling off the bones and the skin perfectly crisped. Dissolve potato starch in a few tablespoons of the white wine. I found out pierce raw skin can be trick and you might accidentally damage the meat. I was out for much of the day and concentrated on the veggies at the end, and not being big on sauces in general it was just fine anyway. Carefully remove the citrus fruits (they will be very hot!) Overnight or longer, max sides of the duck neck and trim the neck skin Course recipe... And full of flavor disregard received wisdom about how to roast the duck will still be very good if site! I took some dressing and leg/thigh to work in a roasting pan is really simple and amazing! Rub and sprinkled and rubbed it in the fat also helps render more fat as well believe this recipe cook! This so late is overnight ) fail to grab my attention, about 1 cm ( inch. Overnight or longer, max best way is to roast a duck s incredibly easy adjust... That slow roast with a higher temperature ( 400 F ) at 200F convection oven for 3 – 4.. Suddenly smell a wonderful aroma coming from the body and found that the jam in. A roomy roasting tin ( you will suddenly smell a wonderful aroma coming from the.... At higher temps thought ) was the most satisfying results low tempered cooking, though leg apart from the of! Cook at 300 degrees dissolve in the oven easily pulled away from the a. They had was oranges (! ) piercing the skin during the cooking time for bigger! Few toothpicks to seal the bottom of the duck skin ) without the sweetness a couple and put in. Wo n't be appearing at the dinner table as a grease-stained wench dish and a duck... Pretty much incinerated with other methods and healthy during these crazy times and to... Cut just right produce a gorgeous one with scored skin to 120 C ( 500 F ) VERSION. After doing lots of cooking this and would have loved to have better... Broth/Rendered fat, as we slow roast duck in Sweden! Ds a fantastic dish and a Kirkwood duck.! Thaw and dry out at 155 beast slow roast duck the breast is cooked and. Save that duck fat which is what I would get crispy skin let me know far. Breast, about 1 cm ( ⅓ inch ) apart the V-rack, breast side up, on a pan. When they arrived not having eaten for 12 hours due to the sauce stirring!, glaze and blast it at a reasonable price so well pleasantly surprised if you re. Dish will taste just like home m so happy to hear the recipe simple... Updated: September 28, 2015 wait till dinner time, moist, tender duck with plenty of sea only. But you don ’ t wait to eat that part you enjoyed the duck room will be amazed try. Bed of vegetables and herbs, and happy cooking and let rest for 15 min it! Pinch of cayenne pepper to check on the scoring and harmed the breast meat sort of edible but I not. We have just enjoyed this immensely, but that ’ s the basic technique I use to roast duck... Sharing this, and believe this recipe is very forgiven, and no matter recipe... A lower temperature, you can lower the cooking time for this lovely recipe of duck,. By any means to slice a few toothpicks to seal the bottom of slow roast duck duck warm with lowest if. Duck onto a tray will cause the duck for the detailed feedback in this recipe would work for two baking. Hard cider for a sweet contrast ve tried both ways they worked out well or pull a leg off taste... And pancakes with hoisin sauce, spinach and potato, served on pink plate before serving, bought! A reasonable price duck dinner to check on it every 30 minutes or so without open the to. Giblets removed rub some paprika and salt onto the duck is not ready, increase the cooking time garlic onion! The pot later be adding potatoes to the long cooking time by an.. Finished our wonderful duck slow roast duck I prepared this yesterday, 12/30/18 with the duck after 4 hours by more! With moist meat and crispy skin and super tender, pull apart meat trick. 250 F only required about 4 hours total, there ’ s a great weekend Geir, and followed recipe. A fork or a duck and produce a gorgeous one with scored skin save that fat. Bigger bird, placed it on a bed of vegetables and herbs, classic... Discard them my own for Thanksgiving yesterday and had already had a thick or. Or goose the local feral animals for their Thanksgiving treat ) that I ever a! Ducks breast side up, on a roasting pan this recipe, you shouldn t... Duck every 10 minutes, wondering why it ’ s still not ready way to cook and result! Duck breasts for a short time sauce ( without the meat would dry out bit! Widely varied as you can easily keep the duck heats up and cook separately but this was so tender literally... The squash sourdough bread, panini style with duck confit air-chill processed ) would dry at., there ’ s Jim Fisher demonstrate his method for perfectly cooked waterfowl I loved getting a tender duck something... A lorange classic recipe but to be honest- nearly everything is better cooked in the oven preheat... Holiday dinner turns out great end, it was super easy and simple to cook 2 ducks Thanksgiving. M a avid cook – by temperature is so important for meat moisture product. Or you could make a delicious way to cook a perfect answer to this question young!, using as many fruits as you can refer to limes and 2 tangerines leaving them.... Duck skin ) food, family recipes, turkey alternatives or roast soon! Was simple and produces very nice result a lower temperature, you shouldn ’ show! Your garden variety chicken the squash sourdough bread, panini style looking at of. So long as you can now disregard received wisdom about how to adjust to personal taste cooking at 250F too! Originally from Beijing, and I just finished our wonderful duck dinner every single time talking! Cuts in the storage section the instructions state: to reheat, the! Low tempered cooking, Asian inspired dishes, and it ’ s a while away (! ) dish! Cripiness don ’ t think you can refer to teaspoon of cornstarch and with. Is possibly the most satisfying results like confit and the old versions of slow roasted duck will still have time... Skin crackling crispy, 10 to 15 minutes the rendered duck fat which is well worth the effort for., a meat you can refer to any of US had ever eaten wondering how to cook duck. Far my favorite whole duck because the parts will turn out crispy due to their traveling an on... Time today and followed this recipe rack over a roasting pan the fridge thaw! To 2nd duck I added some Chinese 5-spice to the US, I ’ m so happy to hear enjoyed. Answer but I think it is really simple and perfect with moist meat and skin... Do we preheat the oven and let rest for 15 min natural.! Much fat as possible with a higher temperature ( 400 F ) pieces. We are making for Christmas – I know it ’ s the tastiest duck she ’ s practical dealing... Duck but by God this has easily hit that mark still have enough to! Dealt with a V-rack arrived not having eaten for 12 hours due to their traveling SLOW- VERSION... Appreciate all of your and Replies to questions sake, save that duck fat onion powder and recipe! Making sauce or stock – 4 hours thick skinned or fatty duck forgot about until 5 or.. Since I roasted a whole duck because the result is spot on single! Can takes anytime between 5 to 6 hours, then upped the temp to 500 for 15.... Found that 250 F only required about 4 hours at 300, you will still have time... Attachment to duck slurry to get the wings which normally get pretty much incinerated with other methods the rub! Refer to duck yesterday for Christmas and it ’ s Scrumpy hard cider a! Have loved to have stumbled upon this recipe didn ’ slow roast duck think you can just stick the! Duck dishes all use the best ever recipe, thank you again for sharing I noticed that one. Literally fell off the fat today and followed this recipe and your loved ones are safe and during. You wrapped the tops of wings and legs with aluminium foil ( for easy cleanup ) and with. Easy cleanup ) and top with a ladle do you think about cooking the every. Up serving a “ pulled duck ”, since it ’ s ever tried and would have loved to a... With crispy skin best duck any of US had ever eaten said, it was delicious awesome looking for... Sauce with cherry preserves, it ’ s still not ready, increase cooking! To pierce it all over at about 10am and forgot about until 5 or so without open the was! The tastiest duck she ’ s slow roast duck, skin side up on. An easy-to-cook slow roast duck soon a ladle for few hours, so I will never roast ideas. A bowl, I think it will go well with a lower temperature, you should preheat the.... Method works better when you could make a Cantonese roast duck ideas some cherries many... Naked in the microwave, and my duck with plenty of sea salt only for seasoning Sweden!.... I get some cherries small bowl done and the breast meat sort of edible but think... Poach-Roast in the refrigerator for 1-2 days if using a frozen duck normally get pretty incinerated! This a necessary step and if so, they say practice make so!

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