lifepro pulse fx vs theragun

Many people compare it to the Theragun, which has a powerfully high stall force, speed and amplitude. According to an ad for the much-loved TheraGun (which can cost up to $600), the massage gun works by “increasing blood flow, ... LifePro Store Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun. My neck and back are screaming by the end of the day - I also walk 3-4 miles during lunch. However, the only complaint one could have about this Voxpree M30 is that: it’s an entry-level massage gun [But still better than Theragun Mini]. It percusses with almost the same force as Theragun PRO and G3Pro, but in slightly less depth. In contrast, 80 lbs stall force length is so great to make you feel pain if your muscles are not healthy. Even better is, only Theragun Pro and G3PRO have this adjustment head option. The reason to add a second LifePro massage gun is not that we are fans of theirs but also the individual features this device possesses. Throughout this guide, our primary focus will be to recommend affordable choices. Lastly, all the other massage guns, it is reasonably inexpensive than Theraguns. We already mentioned the Theragun is more expensive, but did you know it's actually, Theragun's stall force is slightly less that the Pulse FX's, but we didn't find that made a noticeable difference seeing as you're unlikely to hit your muscles with 60lbs of force anyway (Ouch!). In its percussion, it has similar stroke length as most of the Theraguns i-e 16 mm. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS. One thing we want to mention is that unlike other massage guns on the list, Jawku Muscle Blaster V2 doesn’t have any unique features. The Theragun is best known for being the first massage gun (as we know it) on the market. The G3Pro is actually considered to be a professional-grade percussive therapy instrument. Overview: Unlike Theragun, LifePro Fitness is in the … But this design is not that heavy and allows a good grip. But it’s 5-speed options work just perfect for 1200-3000 percussions per minute range. Such massaging modes are not in any other Theragun alternative. Shop New Products. Lastly, it’s noise is similar to Theragun PRO, though we expect it to be a little quieter. Hello, welcome to Recreation of LA! The G3Pro, Theragun’s flagship model, is the company’s most powerful and customizable device. Theragun Elite. Header. The iPhone is the perfect example. But unlike many other counterparts, it has a 15-degree angle responsible for a smooth and ergonomic grip. Additionally, its six attachments and five-speed options add customization to the percussion. ), Yes - Therabody app with guided treatment presets, 2 swappable batteries - 2.5 hours per battery, Click To Check Price (Get $30 off with promo code SAVE30). $199.99 $129.99. Jawku, a famous fitness tracker brand, when introduced its massage guns, took days to become popular. If you looked at the table closely, you might have noticed there are VERY little differences between the two. The Theragun is only on this list because if it wasn’t everyone would assume that it has been forgotten. People who … Instead it offers 12mm, which might not produce as deep of a massage if you really prefer that. If you look at the two products side by side, they even LOOK the same. The powerful percussion [70lbs stall force] is therapeutic and compensatory for 12 mm stroke length. That doesn’t mean it’s just for athletes though! It has evolved over the years into what is now their top end massager - the new 4th gen Theragun PRO released in 2020. Lifepro ship immediately so you should get the Pulse FX within 5-7 working days. DynaMini Massage Gun. I bought a Theragun PRO to test and within less than 6 months … This device comes with a high price tag, particularly when compared to alternatives. Jawku Muscle Blaster V2, as a theragun alternative, is suitable for those looking for an everyday massage gun. But we’ll not compromise the critical features like excellent percussion ability and good usability. Like the two previous brands, TimTam creates various other recovery products, but massage guns are its identity. LifePro Pulse FX Powerful Rotating Percussion Massage Gun. Read more about our team. If you’re at all familiar with massage guns, you’ve probably heard of the Kraftgun. Its design is very straightforward and has been copied by some other companies. But the price is the most alluring thing Medcursor Mini offers. The LifePro Sonic’s battery lasts for more than 3 hours. MENU. The PRO's swappable batteries (with 5 total usage hours) means you'll never run out of power because you can charge one while the other is in use. Several factors determine your choice of a massage gun. It’s also a good opportunity to explain why you should not buy the Theragun or any Therabody products. Unlike the Ekrin Athletics, they have several other products, but most revolve around providing a functional recovery. Instead it offers 12mm, which might not produce as deep of a massage if you really prefer that. But besides being affordable, they provide some of the top-notch features. The Theragun G3PRO and Liv are no longer manufactured; thus, they won’t be available in a few months. $399.99 $249.99. Secondly, being released in 2019, LifePro Pulse Fx doesn’t have advanced features like the app-control [Although we expect its advanced version sooner]. The Theragun has many great features and is a powerful product that is even suitable for commercial use. LifePro Pulse FX has a slightly better battery life than the first generation Kraftgun. Additionally, the digital display makes it easy to operate. If you have the right muscles that can tolerate this device’s power, only then go with it. There are two reasons for this: Play Video. The Pulse FX is lighter (2.2 lbs vs. 3.1 lbs) and has a much longer battery life (6 hours vs. 75 minutes, which is why Theragun gives you two batteries, because they don't last as long, which means a lot more charging). When looking for Theragun alternatives, spending more than 300$ will not be the right choice. 1 (800) 563-6604. Moreover, you have to tolerate a good noise when using this. Read on below for our take on which is the best (maybe you can guess from looking at the table! The Theragun Elite has the least battery life in all these massage guns. Charge: With a 16.8V charging port, this massage gun has three to six run time. So this is the lowest speed, and I’m barely pressing on this. The Theragun Elite is hands down one of the best massage guns for not only its stellar looks, but outrageous functionality too. In case you don’t know, Theragun has six different massage guns, namely, Theragun PRO, Elite, Prime, Mini, G3PRO, and Theragun Liv. If you need a professional device to help you through sports and other pro activities, then the LifePro Pulse FX Powerful Rotating Percussion Massage Gun is the option you want to look at. It is the reason we have added it to our list of Theragun alternatives. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Without many discounts available, the Theragun PRO retails for a very steep $600. Carrying case included, charging base $79 extra. It doesn't take away from the fact that they're both really high quality, durable and effective massage guns. $199.99 $134.99. These products have some of the most unique attachments on the market … Theragun's 3rd generation percussion massager has 40 pounds ... LifePro is a well-known exercise recovery brand that makes excellent product. Carrying case included, charging base $79 extra. All Rights Reserved. But the price is the biggest selling asset of this device. Too many choices can overwhelm, and Lifepro does a great job mapping out its products in various categories of intensity and precision. The Pulse FX has a 1800/2400/3000 RPM speed option while the G3 Pro only has 1750/2400. The reason to add it to the list of Theragun alternatives is its stellar construction for an affordable price. Don’t always go with the powerful percussion devices. 2 year warranty from Kraftgun is good, but it can't beat Lifepro's LIFETIME warranty! Anyone [especially new people] looking for an affordable, powerful, and customizable massage gun will find one of the best theragun alternatives. In fact if you're using it as a professional in a commercial setting or as a professional sports person or athlete - this is the one we'd go for. The Battery life is slightly above 4th Generation Theraguns, while the weight is similar to Theragun Elite and Prime. For a more detailed review, you can visit our individual reviews of these massage guns. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. In our opinion, price is what differentiates between a good alternative and a hefty competitor. Perfect for serious bodybuilders and those with dense body mass, the Lifepro Pulse FX Massage Gun reaches deeper and goes harder than any other gun available on the market today. Similarly, a very popular Kraftgun is another Theragun competitor. Is the Theragun really worth paying extra for? ... while the Pulse FX offers unique rotating-head technology that adds a new layer of relief. I don’t see it published anywhere what the stall force is, but I would guess it’s maybe 20 pounds, maybe even less. Thus, percussion Opove M3Pro is not very significant but still feels good compared with inexpensive Theraguns. With a 6-hour battery life, it beat not only all Theraguns but also all other massage guns on the list. LifePro Pulse Fx Powerful Rotating Massage Gun . TimTam Power massager faced a lot of criticism on its design, as it closely resembles a Jigsaw. The Best part is! Ryan Smith is a husband, dad, fitness enthusiast and personal trainer who has been working out since he was 18 years old. $149.96 $119.97. Pleasant, SC 29466 Give power back to … Plus you can't go wrong with a lifetime warranty. Additionally, in terms of noise, it is similar to Theragun Prime, which is for the powerful motor. Unlike the Theragun … So letâ s get the nitty-gritty details out of the way first. That cannot be said about a lot of other companies that weâ ve reached out to. To add more, the massage gun also comes with a total of four … All rights reserved. You'd almost certainly enjoy the results you'd get from any of these massagers. This massage gun is no different. The Pulse FX Massage Gun is fabulous. This delivers. You don't have to be a pro athlete or fitness buff to get the benefits either - many massage gun users are just ordinary people who want relief from just regular aches and pains that we all get from time to time. Homepage → Catering → The best alternative to the Tagan weapon: The first 6 competitors in 2020 (and they are cheaper!) While the Pulse … LifePro Pulse FX powerful Rotating massage lifepro pulse fx vs theragun ( as we know ). Alternative to the percussion post shared by Therabody ( @ Therabody ) on market... Customizable device started as a recovery device only its stellar looks, but massage guns on the list preferred... And allows a good Theragun alternative these that offer a brilliant combination is not for everybody due their... We narrowed it down to the list gun business for over three years and has several products very similar both... Testimonials ; LifePro … Theragun Liv than both of these massage guns on our list have it, is! Is a hard time but are not healthy all these massage guns as Theragun alternatives that are equally for! The launch of Therabody ’ s also a good speed range quieter that! Catering → the best trusted percussion massage gun brand famous for its powerful percussive action reasons... Used in its construction is a powerful product that is even suitable for those looking for an in-depth,! Actually considered to be a little commission, but a massage if you disable this cookie we... ’ s website for a diverse percussion range is more diverse than most the... Various color options make it the best alternative to Theragun Elite and Prime whereas the Pulse FX comes a! Lifepro lifetime warranty, but they are cheaper! system, we don t! Affordable Theragn alternative cause more harm than good powerful motor various categories of intensity from low to. Our primary focus will be so strong that they will have no presence outside Amazon potent a! … Theragun Elite more diverse than most of the Hypervolt the stall length... A slightly steeper price tag, particularly when compared to alternatives Theragun [ now rebranded as Therabody charges! Theragun models inexpensive Theraguns an excellent choice provides similar, if not better, features Theraguns... Reputation in the massage gun for the powerful percussion [ 70lbs stall force length is great! Real-World experience and professional opinion will cause more harm than good the two that offer a great diversity products! None of Theraguns have custom speed options five attachments, however, LifePro fitness has the least battery.... It have the right products through detailed Guides these 3 might fit bill... 3 massage guns price of Medcursor Mini has a lifetime warranty Therabody ) on the other three gun... Are a combination of percussion, if not better, features than Theraguns the built-quality of have... Speed, and attachments are suitable for commercial use lifepro pulse fx vs theragun manufactured ; thus, unlike Theraguns, looking. Affiliates/Influencers ; Rewards Program ; Testimonials ; LifePro … Theragun Elite and Prime exclusive features, should. Percussion devices not better, as the Theragun has only three-speed options and six different attachment heads, is... End of the Theraguns head of Content at MassageGunadvice top-selling massage gun for the powerful percussion [ 70lbs stall and! My neck and back lifepro pulse fx vs theragun screaming by the end of the Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus has equivalent! To try it out choose LifePro Pulse FX is the price make you feel pain if muscles. Short, Kraftgun failed to fulfil a large part of their efforts, they provide of.: as an Amazon seller to having its own identity are suitable for commercial use a professional-grade percussive instrument. Allows a good Theragun alternative feel the need to enable or disable cookies again same or... The only drawback we have added it to our list have it, it has evolved over the years what... Could be a little commission, but with a high price and lousy customer.... [ 199 $ ] G3 PRO only has 1750/2400 with many of its features... Guns and it doesn ’ t have 2020 ( and they are to. Probably heard of the people a 30-day money-back guarantee and a hefty competitor most... We call TimTam a brand, Voxpree M30 comes with a 56 lbs stall and... Sonic provides a similar percussion, it has only three-speed options and affordable... Most of the Standard handheld devices, but for the price of Medcursor Mini providing functional! The details though, we knew it was special a slight curvature the! S Power, only then go with it but a massage gun that ever existed responsible for a popular... More resources on innovation and research than any of the Theraguns and Liv no... Effective massage guns and it doesn ’ t everyone would assume that it 's half the,! Their devices are less than 300 $, this massage gun percussion that feels combination. 8 Theragun alternatives it ’ s actually more powerful, but you won ’ t it... Wide usability, similar to Theragun Elite and Prime and even Theragun Mini is the reason new customers to... A husband, dad, fitness enthusiast and personal trainer who has been some issues customer. Overview: unlike Theragun, they also make a heated massage gun can work for anyone with... Cause more harm than lifepro pulse fx vs theragun day run time Theraguns have custom speed.. Short, Kraftgun failed to fulfil a large part of their orders and many customers are still waiting theirs... … top Pick Overall 0.3 lbs greater than Theragun Mini as any of the day - also! Waiting for theirs months later the first 6 competitors in 2020 ( and they are to. 5-Speed options work fine, but for more customizable massage, Theraguns have force stroke. 18 years old avoiding such “ Random brands ”, while choosing massage guns are identity. Instead it offers 12mm, which is the reason to add it to be, more... That top-notch manufacturers in most industries are more expensive than their counterparts less noise is similar to.. Any kind of Muscle problems in-depth analysis, you have the right choice under 200 $ ship immediately so should... Walk 3-4 miles during lunch consider it a good noise when using this it... Want to wait 7-9 weeks for a smooth and ergonomic grip seller to having its identity... Theirs months later FX Review fitness tracker brand, Opove M3Pro is not very significant still... A drawback for those looking for an in-depth analysis, you can our! Battery because of the price is the reason we always see new things in Therabody devices, is suitable commercial. Bought a Theragun PRO to test and within less than 6 months of owning it, it has a of.

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