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This angered the man at first. It is speculated that as a child born out of wedlock, he received a lot of hatred and jealousy, and thus didn’t open his heart to anyone. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Based on Yoongi’s perspective, which I have analysed but not published because we are focusing in Joon, I can tell you that Outro: Her is set pre-December 2015 You give your readers the gift of a deeper understanding of poet Namjoon… and the evolving lyrical story written about his great love -Jin. Thank you for this wonderful theory and I will really be on tabs on the updates. This is a Community where everyone can express their love for the Kpop group BTS. As explained in many of my previous posts, when a “girl” appears in Namjoon’s lyrics, this “girl” is Namjoon’s lover. During Weber's Bachelor season premiere, fans watched as Benavidez greeted Weber in front of the famous Bachelor mansion bearing a special gift. If only I had made myself do it! I remember this one youtube comment that said, Joon and Jin surprised him a bit since they suddenly became so close lately, apparently the ‘sudden’ closeness starting from late 2018 till now which I totally agree on. Luckily for them though, as they were destined to be together, destiny brought them together after 20 odd years of not seeing each other. To skip to my final interpretation of the song, please click here. This is the untold truth of Travis Scott. Hopefully you have a theory how they made up if they broke up. As discussed in 보조개 (​Dimple), I believe that certain BTS songs have a Korean and English title because it serves a purpose. So he watched his garden all night. Bloomed in a garden of lonelinessA flower that resembles youThe only thing I can doIn the gardenIn this worldIs to bloom a pretty flower that resembles you. From this, we can see that though Namjoon has rejected his lover’s love and pushed “Her” away, Namjoon still continues to love and yearn for “Her”. Untold definition, not told; not related; not revealed: untold thoughts. This is consistent with what we learnt in Serendipity about Namjoon’s lover, who is described to be true, sincere and angel-like. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. I’m glad to hear that and thank you for pointing out that inconsistency about Jin’s dimple in the other post. All of your warmth is real너의 온긴 모두 다 진짜란 걸. Poetically, this can be read as: All of your warmth is real (Jin). Thank you for sharing! Maybe this doesn’t mean much but during the Bon Voyage in Hawaii (2017? This is because, (and I quote from The Little Prince which we will hopefully (pun not intended) get to explore how it fits in the the albums one day): “What makes the desert beautiful,” said the little prince, “is that somewhere it hides a well…”. Waiting for your mots7 series. Thus, when Namjoon says that his garden is full of thorns, symbolically Namjoon is expressing the amount of pain that he feels and suffers from loving his lover. The man decided to make a flower that doesn't exist on the planet. "The Truth Untold" by BTS (credits to Paulene Jung via.maya sprouse|Jiminsy) There's a story called, 'La Città di smeraldo' that takes place in a small town in Italy in the 1500s-1600s. As always, for the purpose of my analysis I will be referring to Namjoon’s lover as “Namjoon’s lover” because I find it helps remove our unconscious bias, allowing us to truly appreciate the lyrics and the story for what it is. In just a few short years, he's grown the channel to an impressive eight million subscribers and netted cookbook and … BTS' J-Hope added that his favorite track on the album is the Aoki collaboration "The Truth Untold". The first three verses of the song set the scene to mirror the Smeraldo Flower legend: In the Smeraldo Flower Legend, there was a man who hid in solitude in an old castle in “La Citta di smeraldo”, and wore a mask because he was very “ugly” . Thank you and have a lovely day yourself! is the flower that he planted named "smeraldo"? As per my assumptions, order matters in the world of BTS. Full of thorns. I’m not sure why to be honest! ARMY, the whole world, etc) express theirs. In the legend, the girl never got to picked the Smearldos because she died, but in The Truth Untold, the girl does. I did not make any major changes that would materially impact the meaning of the lyrics. Hinterstein Rauhornweg Bushaltestelle, Alles Gute Zum Muttertag, Wer Weiß Denn Sowas Xxl Mediathek, Roger Cicero Yvonne Catterfeld, Wir Sind Die Roboter Spiel, Milka Choco Minis Nährwerte, Zoo Webcam Usa, Neue Emojis 2020 Whatsapp, Neueste Nachrichten Aus Neustift Im Stubaital, " /> So much pain has been imprinted onto this song and woven into the melody, it is truly a masterpiece. Will they fight for their love? I’m sorry to say that if you haven’t read any of the above posts… I may lose you in the detail as my lyrical analyses are built on existing knowledge!This is simply because all of the songs are interconnected and need to be read in a specific order for it to make sense, just like a book.You can absolutely still continue to read and follow how I draw meaning from the lyrics, but you may not, for example, understand the significance of the antithesis relationship or be able to truly appreciate what is happening with Namjoon. Further, we also know that the Smeraldo Flowers were “discovered” on 13 June 2013 (or 12 June in some countries), the day BTS debuted. . I’m wearing a mask again so I can see you, I’m crying my soul out And I know your warmth is. I do not have a shipping or individual bias, I love all seven members equally and I do not write my blogs because of a particular personal desire for one of them. I love them wholeheartedly (as a sister who would love her younger brothers) for their individual selves. Thus, as this “girl” is the one that picks, holds and resembles the Smeraldo Flower, symbolically this means that this “girl” is the embodiment of sincerity and honesty. This is because their relationship is forbidden as per Serendipity and 보조개 (​Dimple).This time line is also consistent with what we observed in DNA Part 2. In my post Trivia 承: Love & The Rose, I discussed the significance of the Rose in Namjoon’s story, and its connection to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess. that he is ugly). If my ARMY sources are correct, Namjoon seems to love Italy and has been to Italy three times for a holiday. If only I had said something to her, my life might be very different. As per my first author’s note, please, no hate! You can upload: image, audio, video, document, spreadsheet, interactive, text, archive, code, other. Often I get asked about demonic entities and if I can help someone in getting a demonic entity under their control. I refer to two passages from 1Q84 which I believe we will be able to easily draw parallels to the story told in The Truth Untold. without realizing he kept waiting for her to come and the next day seemed a little brighter. 보라해! Poetically (and heartbreakingly), this can be read as:I’m crying(Jin) disappeared(Jin) collapsed*At this sandcastle, (Jin) left (leaving me) aloneLooking at this broken mask (broken because of Jin). This is only what I observed tho, its just me really I’m no specialist and of course I don’t know the members personally, but I kind of noticed some things and it was odd. It all started in 1980, when Philip Romano took a big bite out of the burger business with the opening of Freddie Fuddruckers in Texas. The grotesque man slowly fell in love with the girl, but as he did not have the courage to show his real “ugly” self to her, he grew the blue Smeraldo flowers to express his true feelings for her. Never miss a post - Enter your email address to subscribe and receive notifications when a new post is published. In the above verse, Namjoon expresses how he wished he could give the Smeraldo Flowers to his lover. Five Nights at Freddy's served as a revitalizing jolt to the horror game genre. Buddhist string bracelet means having a personal instrument of luck and protection.It brings back the lost faith and makes you believe that you’re not alone. Hope you and your friends and family are keeping safe and well too! Now, finally, he could think of the words that he could have spoken to her. Dumbledore kidnapped Harry after the attack at Godricks Hollow telling the Potters Harry was killed, but his twin brother survived. PS : Should I call you unnie or oppa please let me know, Hi Caji! And he would kick himself again, now that it was too late, for never having spoken to her in the hall-way. The Bachelor's Alayah Benavidez may not have received Peter Weber's first impression rose, but the Bachelor Nation contestant did make an incredibly memorable and sentimental entrance. The significance of this is that it means we can construct a time line based on the lyrics. Required fields are marked *. I analyse songs with consideration to the author’s perspective (and Namjoon just happens to be the main author of most songs). Just something to add to the little easter eggs I suppose. Your email address will not be published. Haha, the quality of this song is just out of this world. honest) feelings. He knew she would not love his 'grotesque' appearance. And agree, why would you hide your affection when you’re openly affectionate with everyone else? Hence, the image of his lover smiling and shining down like a sun on Namjoon further emphasises how his lover is like an Angel, one that radiates light rays like the sun. I have cried every time I play this song without even knowing the true meaning….now with new insights and an image of dear Namjoon wandering through a vast and empty castle lamenting…”I still want you”….I will have a big, embroidered silk handkerchief ready before I listen…this song is too romantic and classy for mere tissues. DEMON KEEPER: THE UNTOLD TRUTH Potential consequences of demon keeping & inviting a dark entity into our lives. Conversely, as per my post The Point of the Smeraldo Flower, the Smeraldo story directly references 전하지 못한 진심 (The Truth Untold); and in the centre of the Smeraldo legend, there is a grotesque man who lives in a castle. Namjoon loves to use the motif of deserts in his lyrics, (e.g. I can’t bear to see any of them in pain . Symbolically, Namjoon is expressing his desire to be able to share his true feelings of pain and sadness* with his lover; and just like the grotesque man in the legend, reveal the “ugliness” behind the mask. 바다 (Sea)). …that Namjoon and his lover broke up because his lover was unable to accept “Fake” Namjoon. Connecting the dots, Namjoon is the grotesque man in the legend and is the person who has (metaphorically) exiled himself to the castle in The Truth Untold because he believes he is so monstrously ugly. because of his looks he received lots of hate & cruelty while growing up. This theory of The Truth Untold is based on my interpretations of its lyrics. The Spiritual Meaning of Red This color is packed to the brim with symbolic meaning. The man desperately wanted to help the woman. Namjoon is the one most fluent and comfortable with English. If only he had found a good opportunity and whipped up a tiny bit of courage! give you me, Give you me. In 보조개 (​Dimple), the English title gave a us a hint about Namjoon’s lover: That Namjoon’s lover only has one dimple. But the woman stopped coming. The Untold Truth is the only album by the group Illegal, which was released on August 24, 1993, on Rowdy/Arista/BMG Records and featured production from Lord Finesse, Diamond D, Biz Markie, and Erick Sermon. Thank you blogger nim for an update. Specially on BV videos, I didn’t see the same chemistry they had during 2013 to 2015. Hope for more updates. "The Truth Untold" by BTS (credits to Paulene Jung via.maya sprouse|Jiminsy). Seriously my heart feels fluttery and I can’t stop my teary smile. Links to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other services inserted in the comment text will be automatically embedded. Anyways, “전하지 못한 진심 (The Truth Untold)” is about a person who is living in a mask in a garden. To summarise this wonderful video by Namjin Home, Namjoon in his Vlive specifically draws our attention to the fact that Jin’s (진) name is in the title of the song. Your support is much appreciated! x g, Your email address will not be published. This has the mournful effect of echoing Namjoon’s cries and wails through the empty halls of his broken castle, and emphasising his persistent, endless, and enduring desire and love for Jin. The “flower” that resembles the girl, is the Smeraldo flower. Interestingly, Namjoon says that he is “so afraid that you will leave me again in the end.”. This time line is to the tee consistent with your time line These bracelets are purely handmade by Buddhist Oracles. The Truth Untold by KellyUrban1587 Summary I suck at summaries, but I'll try. It kind of ties in with the description you have from the lyrics of the person. Chances are, you're aware of some of its eccentricities and secrets: the haunted animatronics, the Bite of '87, and other macabre tidbits. In other words… we have many chapters to go! See more. As we will see, the story line in 전하지 못한 진심 (The Truth Untold) mirrors that of the Smeraldo Flower legend. Then come the present time. Testesso went to Italy. Lyric sources: Genius lyrics, and Doolset lyricsPlease note that I did change some of the lyrics. Attachment You make every attempt to be respectful to these two remarkable men. before Billboards), Namjoon made a very interesting statement. Maybe back thenJust a littleJust this muchIf I had the courage to stand before youWould everything be different now. One day a woman appeared near the man's castle. In addition, given the recurring imagery of the Rose in the Love Yourself albums, I feel that it is safe to assume that when Namjoon wrote “This garden bloomed full of thorns” , he is referring to roses. …I want to hold it but…It’s my fateDon’t smile on meLight on meBecause I can’t get closer to youThere’s no name you can call meYou know that I can’tShow you meGive you meI can’t show you a ruined part of myselfOnce again I put a mask on and go to see youBut I still want you. The words “disappeared… collapsed… broken mask” , conjure a pitiful and heartbreaking image of a damaged inconsolable ugly phantom, all alone in a large barren castle, in pain and anguish from a broken heart. Then I came across your theories and I started pinning it on the years. This is consistent with my antithesis theory. One day, a girl appeared and stole his flowers, and for a while, came back every night to steal them. This continued for several nights. *As discussed in Fake Love and The SEAcret “Whole New” side of Namjoon and Tonight (이 밤), But I knowI can’t do that foreverI have to hideBecause I’m ugly*(*Alternative translation: Because I’m a Monster), I am afraidI am shatteredI’m so afraidThat you will leave me again in the endOnce again I put on a mask and go to see you. It has a definite theme, concept and sentiment. is the embodiment of sincerity and honesty. He began to make the flower in his castle. But I must say thanks to you I think I understood the meaning of Euphoria as I was having a look at it’s lyrics though I will have to wait for an update about it to confirm my theory. As we saw, 보조개 (Dimple) was all about the beauty of Namjoon’s lover, who only has one dimple. Hey Mithila! When I hear it now… I can no longer just hum to it. Sincerity in particular. For a very long time after that, Tengo continued to regret his actions – or more precisely, his lack of action. At such times, Tengo would think, I guess I’ll never be able to detach myself from her. because of his looks he received lots of hate & cruelty while growing up. With regard to what will happen to them in the end…the Love Yourself albums leave us with hanging, but the answer is in MOTS7. If someone “speaks” your real name, it symbolically means that that person loves you for who you truly are. To keep in mind for future analysis, the desert (and associated imagery) are recurring motifs in the Love Yourself albums and are used to symbolise isolation, loneliness, trials, despair and hope. Read on to discover the untold truth of Lucky Charms. You can call me unnie! It is all these tiny bits of information that add weight to my theory and demonstrate its consistency so they are all important!! Inside him at last were the things that he wanted to tell her, the things he should have told her. Hi Shubhi, thank you for your messages! And from the bottom of my heart after “reading ahead” on songs, I truly believe he is in a much better place . But he was afraid she would be terrified by the way he looks. Further, as discussed in The Motif of the Lonely Monster, any references to monsters (e.g. Further, we also know that the Smeraldo Flowers were “discovered” on 13 June 2013 (or 12 June in some countries), the day BTS debuted. All I can say is… have faith in true love and destiny There's a story called, 'La Città di smeraldo' that takes place in a small town in Italy in the 1500s-1600s. It is because… the relationship is real… and unfortunately in their society… it is not accepted. The song is heartbreaking but I think we all feel this destined love will always triumph in the end. And ooh! He said “Jin is a very genuine person”. I have written this post assuming you know: Hello there and welcome to my blog! ugliness), or phantoms (e.g. If you like my work, please subscribe to my blog below, share this with your friends, and/or connect with me on Twitter! "RM Spoke of how People paid attention to how flowers bloomed, but never knew the number of petals they had. We can also see for the first time in this Love Yourself songs that Namjoon is rejecting his lover’s love and pushing “Her” away: Don’t smile on me, light on me… I can’t get closer to you… I can’t show you ME …give you Me…”. It’s probably one of the most intricate out of all the colors. In the above verses, Namjoon shares again why he couldn’t reveal his true feelings to his lover: Because of his belief that he is so ugly he needs to hide, and that his lover would leave him if his lover ever saw his “ugly” side. Namjoon’s adamant decision that he can’t show his “ruined” side to his lover, “. This protege of Kanye West has broken records in both the music and streaming video game worlds. What does the Bible actually say about the events of the birth of Jesus? As above, Jin’s character is the “girl” who picks and resembles the Smeraldo flowers. He came to a conclusion that the only way he would be able to help her is to let her continue stealing flowers from his garden. Please also note the assumptions I apply when I analyse songs, and most importantly why I have analysed this song from Namjoon’s perspective. Even after the break up, Namjoon continues to hide behind his mask, “once again I put on a mask and go to see you.”. He should have stopped her on the street and said something. Based on my observations of the antithesis structure in the Love Yourself albums, I believe that the concept of 전하지 못한 진심 (The Truth Untold) will be the exact opposite of 보조개 (Dimple).

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