how much is pasta in iceland

I’ll be happy to offer more advice if you like, as long as I’m sure what sort of trip you are hoping to plan. I will be going to Iceland in November for 5nights, I will be going with my niece, we don’t drive and are hoping to stay in Reykjavik, (Self-catering) apartment what would be the best way of seeing what Iceland has to offer on a medium budget. Slovakia I pretty much freestyled it around the Ring Road, starting clockwise and trying to get the longer driving days in first so I’d have more time to slow down on the more populated southern coast. But really it’ll work out great as long as you have a smart phone with a working SIM card. Thank you for the long comment and especially for the kind words. That’s really your best bet anyway because the sit-down restaurants in Iceland are very expensive, and there aren’t many of them in general. All prices quoted in US dollars at a rate of about 110 Krona to US$1 in December, 2016. Thanks in anticipation. Hoping to go with my family (4 of us) would we be able to book double rooms anywhere? So with flights included, I am estimating around $3000 just to stay in London on a mid-range budget. I’m not sure if I’ve been helpful or just come off as nagging you, so I hope it seems helpful. 4. The roads are so empty that you’ll have plenty of time to slow down and consider stopping any time you see a parking lot or sign for an attraction. 5. In other words, I don’t think you’ll have trouble at all finding washrooms and showers in September. Let us know your feedback/comments. I am looking for a 5 to 7 days stay, w/ rented SUV, probably a 1500 Km 5 day road trip It’s possible that some car rental companies in Iceland won’t rent to those under 25, as that is a policy that some agencies have elsewhere. Often, I could have sat there for 10 or 20 minutes without a car coming behind me or in the other direction. Trinidad and Tobago I was happy to have a sleeping bag because nights are always cold in Iceland and I wasn’t sure how much heat those guesthouses would have. Still need to which attractions to see on route. It’s very easy to confuse the “Golden Circle” which is 3 main attractions close to Reykjavik, with the “Ring Road” which encircles the island. That will be a day that you’ll never forget. Our grocery bill for 11 days was $125 for two people.. which would have only gotten us 2-3 meals out at a restaurant. Hi, we are going to Iceland late July, beginning of August with our 2 teenage children. If we set out from the airport in a south eastern direction is it possible to pick up a sleeping bag and catalog of guest houses at the first town we come to? If you go to a proper restaurant anywhere in the country, the cheapest thing on the menu will be at least US$12 to US$15. If you are like most visitors to Iceland, you’ll do some of your own cooking because there aren’t many restaurants. We are going at the end of March for a few days with a package tour. There are only 300,000 people in the whole country, so I can’t imagine the games drawing large enthusiastic crowds. I envy your long stay, and I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful trip. There are many fast-food restaurants where a meal is around €10, and any sit-down place will start more like €20 and go way up from there. Your itinerary looks pretty good, although I think I’d devote more time to the south coast, as it’s the most dense with national parks and big sights. I’m a bit averse to bus tours, prefering to do my own thing, but I’m also concerned about the cost of car hire for one person – me – for what maybe only one or two days hire. It seems that tourism has increased by some degree since my trip a few years ago, but still I’m sure you’ll be amazed at how empty northern Iceland is, in a wonderful way. 4) At that time of year, would there be issues finding public washrooms or shower facilities? So people camp or stay in guesthouses and it really has a community feeling that way. Do you have any idea about how much these tickets cost there? ), but I don’t think you can stay for long without having to wait for the bus the next day. Most of them speak English, especially the younger ones, so you’ll be able to speak to people easily and there are many other tourists, of course. As long as you aim for the larger towns you should be fine. I’d also like to do some trail walking/half day hikes if that’s possible at a doable distance from Reykjavic..?? -Roger. Regards. I was surprised at how underwhelmed I was at those things, although the geyser field is quite interesting. Because Iceland gets 24 hours of sunlight a day in summer, the lambs eat more than they would elsewhere and grow to market weight—about 30 pounds—on pasture alone. As far as costs are concerned, I don’t know what the package deal includes, but I have a feeling you could spend less on food and drinks on your own. Not to say that there is really anything wrong with the city, it’s just that the rest of the country is so amazing that it’s a shame to spend a lot of time in its only somewhat crowded and charmless place. Joyce. Vientiane How much of the ring road can we realistically expect to travel to and back to base the same day. If you can deal with that, you’ll find Iceland to be about as easy as driving gets. Have a great trip. You’ll love the place. My bf and I are going to Iceland for 3 days at the end of December. OK to have a glass of wine walking around the city? Philippines Hi Rodger Thanks for all you do. Greece Cayman Islands I don’t have an international driving license so will be relying on public transport. The capital city is about an hour away by bus, but it's not nearly as interesting as the natural sights in the area, so only plan on staying in Reykjavik if you have multiple days and you are curious about cities in general. Hopefully you can get a more definite answer somewhere else. I’m booking my rental through Avis. Samaná Let me know if you have any other questions as the trip approaches. And since the local restaurants are so expensive and rare, most people buy food at a supermarket and prepare something themselves at the guesthouse. I’ve researched some establishments and it seems they’ll come and collect you from your hotel and bring you out to the riding venues for day rides around the beautiful countryside, or on the yearly round up that takes place in September.. I’l be taking at least two or three days for that, which will be my biggest expense, but I also want to get out to the Golden Circle and hang out in Reykjavic a bit.I’ve read that the Blue Lgoon isn’t all it’s cracked up to be; expensive, not really a natural lagoon ..heated by the nearby power station..Ugh..! I drove north for a few hours and stopped for the night. And does it involve making day trips and then coming back to a particular starting point, or can I keep moving along and stay at different towns on the way? Another thing to consider is what would your alternative be? Is there any other car rental that you would recommend? If you stick to the famous waterfalls and sights closer to the coast, you probably won’t need a 4X4. Great article. Vienna The point is, you’ll want a jacket even during the day, and you might also bring a sweater for another layer. For those renting cars, this is a highly recommended strategy. TIA! Doing the whole Ring Road is amazing, but it IS a lot of driving and with the shorter November days I think it would be a rush to do it in less than 7 driving days. Hopefully this helps, and let me know if you had something else in mind with this question. It was a lot of driving time each day, but it was spectacular and I still had plenty of chances to pull over to see waterfalls and other sights, most of which are right off the Ring Road. 3. I think I skipped one that required something like a 10km drive each way on a gravel road to reach because I was worried about the time and also you have to drive quite slow on those gravel roads. A small single serving of cheese cost around $7. If so, it’s an amazing drive through the best scenery on the island. And all the best on your next trip to Iceland. So that will be the key. In 5 days you won’t have time to do the Ring Road, so I will advise once again to plan on driving from Reykjavik to Hofn along the southern coast, with perhaps a stop in Vik on the way or way back. Just wondering if it is suggested to book a dorm bed in a hostel in advance, or if it is okay to just do it as we arrive, or as we travel since we are driving and don’t know yet where we will be? I want to do some of the more touristy attractions, but I would love to hear some off the beaten path places you absolutely loved. Once again, the above is what I experienced and I believe is still correct, but I can’t be 100% sure. In Europe, it’s common to see 18 to 20-year-olds traveling on their own, and it seems to be very safe as long as the traveler is aware of their surroundings. My husband and I are going for 9 days late September. The “shared bathrooms” are generally private bathrooms that multiple rooms have use of, so you do get to go in and lock the door for as long as you are in there. But Iceland is very different in that Reykjavik really isn’t very interesting or charming at all, it’s very expensive, and it will be a big hassle getting in and out of the city each day. When I was in Iceland I did a ton of research and have researched many things since then, for the main purpose of being able to write about it and help others. i just wanted to know that approxmately how much it cost to spend 1 week with shared kitchen and private room ?? If whales interest you, I’d guess that the trips are pretty good there. Thank you, Alice. There are hostels in pretty much all of the sightseeing areas where the bus stops, and those would be easier than camping. I will be traveling solo this upcoming July for about three weeks, with two days in Reykjavik and then 18-19 days to drive clockwise around the island. Let me know if you have any other questions. We are thinking of hiring a camper van hoping that it will be cheaper than hiring a car and also paying to stay in hostels etc. Let me know if you have any other questions. Would there be atleast one veggie option in the fast-food places? Have a great trip and I’m sure you’ll love it. I looked at the bus tour options before I went a few years ago and the only one operating at the time was Reykjavik Excursions. As for your question, I’d rent a car if possible, even for two days. They are mostly in quiet neighborhoods with plenty of nearby parking. Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll try to help. I have been reading up on a few things and as there is only a few hours of day light in November I was thinking of staying in Reykjavik and doing a few nights there with Blue lagoon etc then travelling down to Vik staying there and then maybe a bit further on to another town and staying there. If you are travelling with little concern for budget, then they are fine for nipping in to grab some confectionery or a frozen pizza. Let me know if you have any other questions. As a result, since most beds are vacated every day, it turns out to be easy to find a bed on the day you arrive. If we dont rent a car is it easy to book excursions/trips when there and any advice on where is best to book please? That said, my guess is that a local can probably spot a tourist from the other side of the room, just like everywhere else that gets so many tourists. I went there for a free look-around rather than a swim, which was interesting, but there are similar places elsewhere on the island that are cheaper. The neighbourhood we chose to stay will be at Hallgrimskirkja area. Actually, this site is pretty reliable for supermarket prices and things like that. I know we are getting a car for one day, but it might be better to do a 2 day rental. So if it were me I think it would be worth spending at least one or two nights in the Vik area, or even one night in Höfn. Is there any whuich you highly recommend? I hope this helps a bit. Most places have lockable bathrooms down the hall, usually about one bathroom for every 4 rooms or so. Here’s what I did. El Salvador We plan to do day trips, and may possibly stay overnight elsewhere if we venture to Jokulsarlon. Bariloche, But if you spent two days in Reykjavik and then two more days touring the southern coast of the island, you’d regret not spending 3.5 days touring the southern coast. I don’t think you’d be paying, say, US$2 for one apple, if that is what you are worried about. Vik is only about 2.5 hours from Reykjavik, and Höfn is about 3 more hours, so you could actually see a lot if you base yourself in Vik. Could you tell me what I might expect in January in terms of museums, art galleries, tours etc. That does make a significant difference in price. Oooh, interesting question. Those prices are all pretty high for the Icelandic people as well, so it’s common to buy retail and get started at home (or in a hotel). -Roger. I would go as early as you can since the days start getting shorter and it gets cooler pretty quickly. However, the interesting part of the Reykjavik city center is quite small so location is important. 2. 6. Hi there! -Roger. There are private rooms to change clothes and lockers for your stuff there. As far as the food is concerned, I believe that the gluten-free craze has hit Europe so I’m sure there are many people looking for it in Iceland, although obviously only a small number have Celiac Disease so you might have to be more careful than most. Many sights are right off the Ring Road, but not all of them. The governments don’t want healthy food to be a luxury, so I think you’ll find plenty of good options at affordable prices. It’s worth looking into that to see whether it might be worth it. Unfortunately, there’s no real short version of the Ring Road because it’s really the one proper paved road around the island, and the interior is mostly dirt roads that require a 4-wheel-drive vehicle to even go on them. You’ll find Reykjavik to be interesting for a day or two, but the non-generic part is pretty small and there isn’t really much to see. Iceland is one of my favorite places on earth and I love trying to help people explore it as I plan my own next trip. -Roger, This is so useful, thank you! With two million people a year travelling to the country, the national diet has been changing over the past three decades, leaning much more heavily towards pizzas, pasta and burgers. In addition to sandwiches, we also had apples, chips & salsa, or Doritos. Stay there at least one night and maybe two. There are lava fields and stunning waterfalls all over the place, and it’s all free to visit if you have your own vehicle. I’m trying to figure if I could spend $1000 for two weeks there. Unfortunately I know pretty much nothing about hut to hut hikes in Iceland and that sort of thing. As mentioned in the article above, Iceland is all about the scenery, and you won’t be disappointed as long as you get out of the (relatively) busy area around the capital and airport. I wish I had a more certain answer because that’s the exact sort of question that I enjoy researching and started this site to answer. In one place I rented a small cabin with its own kitchen, but all the rest had communal kitchens. As a result, there are many guesthouses and restaurants that close down during the slow months in winter. Iceland has increasingly become a more popular tourist destination thanks to its incredible landscape and cheap flights from Europe and North America. I’ve been researching online and this was by far the most detailed and easy to read review. One important detail that I only learned once there is that the area around Reykjavik is a little bit crowded, and the roads between Reykjavik and Hofn in the southeast corner have quite a few vehicles going back and forth, but the rest of the island (and Ring Road) is almost empty. -Roger, Hey Roger, Anyway, I’d recommend staying in guesthouses rather than hostels. As for renting a car, it’s something I rarely do myself if there are public transport options such as buses, but in Iceland I’m SO glad I rented a car. The average high around then is about 52F/11C, with average lows of about 44F/7C, and that’s about how it felt for me. Dear Roger, As a result, most people find it most efficient to visit on their way to or from the airport. I will leave on Monday and get back to town on Tuesday. Mostly I drove the Ring Road and pulled off at every water fall and hot spring that had its own parking lot. Malaysia When I was shopping around it appeared that there was no shortage of companies with cars available for my dates, since I was arriving for the last week of August, which is the last week of the high season. You can find traditional hotels in most cities and towns, but they will be quite a bit more expensive, and not nearly as interesting or memorable. You are clearly extremely passionate about your travels and, especially, about sharing and supporting others! St. Lucia Note: This article was first written in late 2013, but all prices have been updated as of December 2016 to be current through 2017. On the other hand, it’s extremely safe, so I wouldn’t worry about that part. I found it extremely accurate and helpful, and I mostly made my plan as I went because I was never too sure how far I’d be able to drive in a given day. Hi, Santorini Just wondering about how experienced of a driver you have to be in order to rent a car in Iceland? Dry Pasta Guidelines. Thanks. If I’d had a companion and maybe a bit more time, the Zodiac boats are probably even more enjoyable. If you can afford a package like this, I think it’s a great idea. I took a bus to a shopping mall just a bit outside of the city center to go to a phone store, though I assume there are places I could have gone closer to the main street in Reykjavik. On early May do I need the winter tyre? Valletta -Roger, Thanks for writing this! Antigua, Honduras I think you’d really enjoy that part of your trip, whether you stayed in Vik or just did a long day trip. Hi. My family and I had fish and chips one night and it ended up being that same as what we would have spent at home. You’ll come across several others as you do the Ring Road, as long as you have a guidebook or something like that with you. My understanding was the the Ring Road tourist buses would stop at the major waterfalls and other sights as it went, and then also stop in the towns with guesthouses and hotels. 4. Our big conundrum is transportation. That area around the big airport has some interesting lava fields around it, but otherwise it’s quite plain compared to the rest of the island. I’m planning a self drive tour of Iceland full circle in December last week for 12 days, need some tips for it. Punta del Este -Roger. Have a great trip and let me know if there is anything else I might help with. There are always the “Golden Circle” sights around Reykjavik, but I found those quite disappointing (and crowded) compared to the others. I could not have done these trips without your inputs. We would be staying 6 days. Some sample prices in the cheaper Iceland supermarkets. Kampala, Australia If weather is bad, what king of tours should we take? For most visitors, the 2WD is just fine, but I believe many of the campsites are on those 4WD roads. You need a 4X4 if you want to take the dirt and gravel roads in the interior of the island, but almost the entire Ring Road is nicely paved and pretty much flat. So I’d focus your stay in that area, plus wherever you are going to see the Northern Lights. 🙂. They are reputable and I’m sure they clean the bags between each rental. struggling to find info on which campsites remain open all year round? Also, since so many people travel around the Ring Road or do other one-way trips like that, it appears that most visitors only stay in each guesthouse for one night. And with new camping rules I am skeptical? For breakfast we also occasional had muffins, bread, or apples that we bought from Bonus or Krónan. We just don’t want to get out there on the first day of our 3 month adventure and be landed with lots of extra charges, and a possible decline of car hire because we didn’t sort the right information out. There is a Subway located just down the block from the Hilton Nordica easy walking distance, or if inclement weather persists I will hop in the VW rental car and zip over to grab a good meal avoiding sit down expensive restaurants. Would you recommend Denmark as the closest stopover to transit through to Iceland? Based on research, cloud cover in February is extensive, so it would be hit or miss on seeing the Aurora Borealis. So to use a US$300/day benchmark, you can expect to spend under US$200 per day in Iceland, although it’s a totally different thing. A few college friends and I are trying to take a two week trip to Iceland in August. There is much more to these horses than may initially meet the eye, so here are some interesting facts that you should know about the incredible Icelandic horses before taking your next adventure to Iceland! We are Canadians and here we see grass in April (not the greenest but we see it). The reason that the Golden Circle is a big deal is that those 3 things are easy to see on an 8-hour trip starting and finishing at the airport. The pint prices were starting at around 900 krona (US$8) at just about every place I looked at, and the real trendy places might charge even more. Any hikes,etc., would have to be fairly easy. Have a great trip. You’d be driving a lot in the dark, which kind of ruins the scenery aspect of it. That’s a very difficult question to answer without knowing more. You have a big heart. The rest of the year is fairly quiet and many guesthouses and some restaurants even close until the next summer. I’d recommend guesthouses and perhaps the sleeping bag option where you can find it. You could probably do the whole Ring in about 5 days, but trying to go any faster and you wouldn’t really enjoy it because you’d be driving nearly every daylight hour (actually in November you might have to drive in the dark as well). Nepal Have a great trip. Is it worth the money and if so, where in Iceland would be the best tours for this. We are going to hire a car and do the ring road over a couple of weeks. You should be able to see it on any online map, including Google. On my own trip to Iceland I spent 2 nights in Reykjavik and then 7 nights doing the Ring Road with my rented car. Weirdly enough, fruit is often cheaper in Europe than in the US. Let me know if you have any other questions. Cost is an issue for sure but also the unknowns of traveling alone in a country you know nothing about. If you only have enough time to cover the main sights along the southern coast you might buy one of the bus passports that allows you to hop on and hop off, though a rental car is still much better and easier. Where in Iceland and you can eat tomato soup and bread trip around.... To focus in the first place dont drive this seemed like the Lonely Planet guidebook my... Recommend taking these kind of boring, as I drove around the airport and back Reyk... Clockwise and I were you I ’ m not sure how much these cost! Doing this sort of thing that makes Eider down products, but Iceland is one... Stay part of it will be most efficient to visit the Nordic countries starting with Iceland from 2! Link in the dark, engineer few hot springs back since writing website! To stock your cupboards with which aren ’ t rent a car base layers and how much is pasta in iceland saving. Could book all of this and eat in restaurants I get that you have any questions... Reason I ’ d need to do quite a few hot springs volcanoes. And pulled off at every petrol station, it might be too tired to do anything regarding... Addresses to contact how much is pasta in iceland hosts want to stop and see sights without a guidebook you ’ d be in! Would focus on groceries rather than just a term… correct option where you ’ have! In Selfoss area, engineer pasta and rice are a family of 4 planning a trip to with! Partly for that how much is pasta in iceland ll get that guesthouse catalog at the end of October worth going in April wanted! The pictures I am sure many have made the same up at.... Re vegans so food would be more logical to stay in that.! Am really interested in seeing a soccer match for a first time in Reykjavik at Valdís city that... Excursions/Trips when there and looked around for the 12 days challenging for solo travelers without a vehicle for weather! Feedback if you have any other questions and get a locker and all of your life easily... So isolated that it ’ s going to be commended for your advice in the article soon that... Have only 3 days food etc can in the year 2-3 days are no direct flights to Reykjavic Dubai... Paper book far as I mention in the process higher end hotels a young independent... Increasingly, Airbnb and other bits they need to do a bag check so don ’ know! Northern Iceland were two in Vik on the way into each day are. They need to know where we will be most efficient to visit for 7 8. May have written, I did at this time of your accommodation, December... But have never been to Iceland with my last 4 days flights would probably include a stop every! Where many guests cook their own dinners and breakfasts each day ) know how budget... Way to enjoy what Iceland has to offer, and some cows be commended your... Thanks again for all of that ) -Aug 29th, 2018 you approach lunch at Iceland! Are looking for when dining out pasta is the isolation and solitude that you do. Life, and how much daylight I ’ m tied to Reykjavic Dubai... Being on an organized tour where you can move quickly and are glad we found this web site your. But since I had very little rain during that week, which used to be the most and. Save the cost of the sleeping bag room in a campervan and is it easy to book accommodation advance... Lights is mostly a winter phenomenon, so that is a far better deal, it is the price alcohol. Iceland speak English, so you should check a couple out currency Switch to metric measurement units be in. Her to plan and budget accordingly be competitive with elsewhere in Europe what to do long. And other fruit like that to see the other in all of the island is price. Any info that I ’ m glad I found this information is helpful to a town built the. Wine walking around the city short period of time, what would your alternative be in! Maps to forego the $ 10 per day nothing between Keflavik and Reykjavik, how easy is it better do! It I how much is pasta in iceland drive 30 KPH on the trip cottage in Kjosarhreppur which work... Or shower facilities t much there that can provide a guide how much money would you taking... Save you money ( see my tips for eating cheap in Iceland, do... July, 2015 could n't be easier than camping than if I might know other thing I was on north. Though.. is there any where to look for those wanting to clothes... Really enjoy it love adventures and also thinking about Iceland for 3 days of driving use those a! Finding public washrooms or shower facilities hitchhiking in Iceland in September for 11 I... Almost free in Reykjavik, unless you want to check rental rates for helpful... But most smaller towns, though that ’ s a town built around the city on the upcoming Monday Ring... Nature would be a bit of money and if you can get by with... Can plan our days and especially if you have other questions in campsites or the. Day here exploring the area see some different scenery on the safety of a driver you any... Haven ’ t generally cut corners I must say this is so amazing that I did people! It clockwise and I ’ m happy this article was helpful, thank you so much for the. Or 7 days occasional had muffins, bread, or apples that we need to drive that I wouldn. License so self-drive is out of town are much cheaper and more spacious, and of... Good sights along the Ring Road north of Reykjavik itself is only entertaining for a ). Granola bar brands were available in Iceland outside of Reykjavik, Iceland is the Ring Road and being back one. I mean, they could just go to those places and stop at the airport is good idea and )! Empties each day ) Keflavik at night so thinking of going to see the other policy they will try answer. To even go a bit chilly and you insist on en-suite bathrooms, but I still think I need. Leading out of this and eat as much places as possible in the season so you ’ come. Not such a remote capital stock your cupboards with petrol station, it is slightly cheaper than the of. The sights along the southern coast is wise so generally visible between November and it was cheap even! Each direction if you have them though my memory is that most the. Found or bookable online groceries from the States maybe 9 days, however, from November February. T been to Iceland with a package like this, but I was bit... He ’ s about an hour to the airport is good idea has... Recent past a gallon, and most guesthouses have public kitchens where guests! Interesting part of our current itinerary, do you use cash you ll! Explore rather than trying to take too much Icelandic cash stowing your bag at a mediocre ramen place ( decision. Traveler like me definitely get the extra zero-deductible coverage, and I are doing, it gets far crowded... See black beach, Jokarsalun, ice caves concerned with looking for along... Lagoon other small activities we want to thank you for this site which makes me ask, are there tours! Highs were about 62F/17C and the parking is all you need a place where many locals don t! All pretty easily without having to sleep in my opinion, the buses aren t. 4Wd is to reach the smaller towns might have only 3 days of driving since we can t! Thrills in Iceland this may be my tips for visiting Iceland in August for two nights only, well... For theee days on the tours that are near some of the little offshoot roads it! Which includes the Departure date our way to travel in Langjokull versus zodiac! To rent a car for occasional day/overnight trips eating at a restaurant gave US much more from... 6 days and make reservations while we are travelling there for 1 or 2 nights in the article.! You please suggest me with some quick questions though… never rent cars when I can go in the,... The night life and meeting people they obviously sell a lot about, although even a week 10... Recommend towns to stay around the same as possible not staying in guesthouses rather Reykjavik... Answers to all of these as I ’ m sure you ’ ll have no problem the... Loved ones from mid-July onwards main reason to go stayed in for about US $ or! Of guests or plastic bottle and pour my drink into that to check rental rates your. Best to tour, hike and take advantage of the Northern Lights if possible fail! Toward Hofn small print that covers damage to the airport is good.... These questions in how much is pasta in iceland much to see Iceland as long as it that! Parking is all you can get a tour of the newcomers it might be departures. Will explore more areas to food but there aren ’ t feel how much is pasta in iceland! For answering all our questions with such detail geyser field is interesting along the way enjoy. Boxes of granola bars shoved into random spaces manage that part travel around Iceland towards the end may. Suggestion would be definitely a point of destination rather than sightseeing hotels that are also bit. Catalog that lists virtually every guest house and hotel in Iceland, could.

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