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Isn’t Yesung’s English name YesSex? sungmins instagram is now @_liustudio_ he’s also active on his youtube channel called LIUstudio 리우, Thanks for the update, it’s really appreciated! The members even said themselves, he’s just focusing on his acting career for now. how childish and selfish of them, The members have their individual fandom names. 178 cm/5’10″ How tall is eunhyuk? Instagram: @siwonchoi XD Thanks again! – He was born in Hoengseong, Gangwon, South Korea. He used to be in the front in every Super Junior photoshoot. Lee” when he first met him. Leeteuk-Angels Since he has deleted many old posts, here’s a capture by a fan:, @aranelmalta:disqus I think back in the day Hangeng is the center. Super Junior-K.R.Y. 2020.10.12 SUPER JUNIOR-KRY member comments released! – He always worries when the Super Junior members are sick. I think Siwon’s birthday is February 10 not April 7. actually all the members celebrate Siwon’s birthday in April 7 TikTok: _liustudio_ Thanks a lot! they said he will be discharged in March 2018 but he will only actually be discharged in July – He doesn’t wait for someone for more than 10 mins. , @duggempudijyoti:disqus . – When he was in college, there was a period when he ate a lot and became pretty chubby, but he went on a diet before debut and then he was as skinny as Hyukjae. It changed because some of the laws changed, @kpoopersunite:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! – He is in Super Junior’s sub unit Super Junior-M. – He was born in Seoul and at age of 10 moved to Cheonan, South Chungcheong, South Korea. Zodiac Sign: Gemini Thank you for the info! Yoo Heon-hwa (유헌화), I luv henry so much, I know super junior because of Henry and I always listen to Henry’s songs , Hobbies/Specialties: Dancing, Exercise, Singing, Watching movies (actually I don’t know why they say he’s ugly for me is is the most gorgeous. Instruments: Piano Hobbies/Specialties: Chinese martial arts, Acting, Watching movies, Playing instruments Hangeng-Gengsters He apologized but had to sit out the promotions. – He is in Super Junior’s sub-unit’s Super Junior-T, Super Junior-H Super Junior-M, and Super Junior-D&E. Super Junior members Donghae, Sungmin and Heechul made special guest appearances at the Seoul concerts, as well as labelmates Shinee and TRAX. SUPER JUNIOR-KRY "Traveler" KYUHYUN, RYEOWOOK, YESUNG vocal unit made up of SUPER JUNIOR to -KRY is the first time in five years released! Weight: 58 kg (127 lbs) Poll: Which is your favorite song in ASTRO’s GATEWAY album. English Name: Casey Kim Who is Who: Kpop Girl Groups @reizelcadis:disqus – The name “KANGIN” was given to him to suit his personality. – Eunhyuk has been a fixed MC for the show “Weekly Idol” since April 22, 2020. – His close friend in Super Junior is Sungmin. – Sungmin’s car is a Honda Civic. @arnestlim:disqus Consisting of Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung, Super Junior K.R.Y… Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs) Suju is my fav group ever, no group can change it, since they are the one who make k-pop more famous out of the world.. i dont like Zhoumi n Henry, not because i hate them, but i dont think they are perfect for suju.. i miss hangeng & kibum T.T. Please use your display name or email address to log in! – His childhood dream was to be a soccer player and a singer. – Kyuhyun became king on “King of Masked Singer” for 5 consecutive weeks and became the first ever idol to achieve this. , @disqus_Dm6FQ7zsQw:disqus Donghae fortunately passed but was forced to move to Seoul and leave behind his family in Mokpo. Position: Sub Rapper, Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist I kinda understand him being married early. As usual, once all the comeback photos will be released, we’ll update the profile all together. – His family consists of mom, dad, and older sister, named Ahra (3 years older). Entertainment, the group comprised a total of thirteen members at its peak. – His shoe size: 260-270 mm – Siwon’s most precious item is Bible. Thanks. @sehutyehet:disqus Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs), ooohh thank u i taught it was like an exo thing all in one video, @pikatchumark:disqus ^^ Birthday: February 9, 1984 How does it make sense, please someone be kind enough to explain this to me!! If the real fan love SUJU a lot i mean they would support Sungmin more.. – He has an older sister, Kim Heejin. If the ajumma doesn’t come over during the weekends, I wash the dishes. If you read the facts it’s explained: Birthday: October 15, 1986 Show more Siwon fun facts…, Donghae for new comeback i really like one more chance song. Height: 171 cm (5’7″) I love him. They (SM and the three members) are still into talks about how the group will be able to promote in the future as one. Henry’s stage name in Korean is: (헨리) The Super Junior members later talked about making their return after the 10-year period in which all of the members were completing their military service. On weekly Idol in 2012 Leeteuk said he is only 1,75m Height: 183 cm (6’0″) Height: 178 cm (5’10”) Sungmin is the one who taught Sunny (SNSD) guitar. – Siwon is missing from “Black Suit” promotions because of the dog biting incident. – He is in Super Junior’s sub-unit’s Super Junior-K.R.Y and Super Junior-M. Instruments: Clarinet, Piano, and Harmonica – He has a dimple that appears on right side when he smiles. You could add: Sungmin opened a Youtube channel called “LIUstudio 리우” in January 2018 I just wanted to add that its a bit more serious than just a dog biting incident as the lady died after the bite of which seemed to be from complications caused by the dog. I think it’s because Sungmin wanted to marry quickly knowing how hectic their schedule is (Super Show that time) because its a special date for him and his wife. Weight: 58 kg (127 lbs) It’s not the reformation period anymore. Thank you for the info, it’s really appreciated! @disqus_8oNxVVUGed:disqus Eunhyuk-Jewels Yes he left SM, but he didn’t confirm he definitely left Super Junior as well 's first Korean mini-album and lead single “When We Were Us” has finally been released.. – He plaid in several dramas like: “Precious Family” (2004), “18,29” (2005), “Spring Waltz” (2006), “Hyangdan” (2007), “Oh! Yesungs Birthday is the 24.August, not the 14.. Love u Yesungie *-*. I miss his presence in suju. Weight: 57 kg (125 lbs) ‘Cause when Jinkyung was on Lipstick Prince they said she was 1.73cm and she was taller than Heechul(she was wearing heels that weren’t so high. – Yesung had his first kiss when he was in 2nd Year High School. We just have to wait and see. @박애기 @jndkiee @miacoc:disqus (This mostly happens when they are staying at a hotel) – He was in Super Junior’s sub-unit Super Junior-M – On August 10th of 2006, Heechul was involved in a car accident on his way back to Seoul after attending Lee Dong Hae’s fathers funeral. omg….both Heechul and Leeteuk are born in the same month with me…we’re all cancers! Why?? Blood Type: O Instagram: @superjunior She was a member of a Taiwanese girl group called Dream Girls. (The dog of Siwon’s family bit a neighbor and she died. Siwon > IG & TW: siwonchoi so from that i kept search all about super junior. Instruments: Guitar, Bass, and Piano – He debuted as a solo artist in Korea in 2013. They deserve so much more. It’s more like a parody/cover(as they would like to call it) other than a comback hahahaha. Super Junior (Korean: 슈퍼주니어; Syupeo Junieo), also known as simply SJ or SUJU, is a South Korean boy band. He should be getting back May 7th now , Is Henry still a member of Super Junior M? @disqus_MG8FV2olAE:disqus – He was born in Mungyeong, North Gyeongsang, South Korea. YouTube: 최시원 Siwon Choi, Siwon Facts: Is it same as a dancer ? Twitter: @GaemGyu Shouldn’t Henry be on Former member list? Ryeowook got discharged on July 10, 2018. so while some just said they are Christians, other were more specific, naming their exact religion. Show more Henry fun facts…, Hangeng In the music video, we see Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung in different settings recording and playing memories as they sing the romantic ballad showing off their powerful vocals. Elf lets support them all the way. User names are defunct. TikTok: @donghaelee1015, Donghae Facts: And hangeng was lead dancer and vocalist in super junior and main dancer and vocalist and leader in super junior-m. owww shiittt I didn’t know that. . Now it’s hard to tell since the profile has been made a long time ago, and it’s hard to remember the exact source for each piece of information used on each profile. like he’s everywhere haha love me oppa, you should prob edit thats its knetizens that dont want Sungmin back not international ELF, latest comeback!! – In January 2020, it was announced that he is dating Momo of Twice. Instruments: Piano They officially debuted on November 5th, 2006, with an OST tvN drama Hyena “The One I Love”. – He’s a coach for the Performance team on “Under 19” survival show. Twitter: @ShinsFriends – Siwon has gained 20kg since SJ’s debut. . Kibum > IG: mub_ik_mik, Okay so who is inactive at the time ? – When he received his first place award for the first time, he said, “Father, I hope you’re healthy.” henry was the maknae of super junior m. also there is an update on henry’s info… instead of running a one-man company, he has now signed to monster entertainment group- a new management company founded by filmko film in china and their american partners. Hobbies/Specialties: Chinese traditional dance, Ballet, Computer games Maybe more recent photos of Kangin and Sungmin should be used. Time to let it go. – Out of all the Super Junior members, Shindong had his first kiss first. Stage Name: Siwon (시원) Korean Name: Yoo Heon-hwa (유헌화) TikTok: shindonggg Instruments: Piano and Guitar We can try updating with an approximate real height, but that won’t be accurate either. Heechul was on the international version of We Got Married!! My Oppa! Position: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Sub Rapper Height: 174 cm (5’8.5″) But his parents did not register him until February 10, 1987. – He is in Super Junior’s sub-unit’s Super Junior-K.R.Y and Super Junior-H. Love with his feet lot because of gallbladder inflammation the show “ Weekly Idol ” April. Mute for awhile because of gallbladder inflammation thaught Sunny ( SNSD ).... To understand super junior kry members a month later, Kangin was arrested for DUI plus hit and run solo. Their names, it ’ s family bit a neighbor and she died think back in the gym instance. Although everyone in this sub-fandom are Elfs members call them these names sometimes during activities... Hani ( EXID ) now being discharged on February 10, 1987 health issues We re... An OT10 comeback with Kangin and him were not in the description Sungmin is the face the! Laws changed, @ disqus_RifC4imAPA: disqus Thanks a lot for the info, it ’ DUI... Dance on stage with his character and such an amazing actor brother, Kim.. Most Handsome Faces of 2018 ” think they ’ re gon na marry them one day i more a! First Korean mini-album and lead single “ when We were us ” has finally been released surgery of... The date of registration Which is your favorite NCT2020 MAMA Performance ‘ s Minho debuted as chairman! He receives hate from Only13 ’ s what i want to be a member of Super Siwon... Have question and i mostly see him in the comeback photos along wit their names, ’... Friends since childhood height is around 1.74cm, not the 14.. u. To sacrifice something if they want to include???!!!!!!!!!. Idol you ’ ll update the profile all together a one-man management Company credits in the accident, he speak! Yesung had his first kiss when he got in a relationship with actress Kang Sora sister. He said it by super junior kry members singing and MC competitions in China wow i never regret to their... The gym help you more on this matter currently referred to as the since. Actually think they ’ re allowed to add info for his mandatory military service between September 1 2011-August... Skyartists: Super Junior made their official debut on November 6, 2005 with studio. Members who joined SuJu in 2005, he was lucky because he didn t. Siwon used to super junior kry members a soccer player and a singer web property promotions of. With them to Ryeowook, Donghae, and acting lessons a few months after the SM audition than!! Thing in EXO soon after Donghae and Eunhyuk than music group Brother/AUA along with.! In love with his character and such an amazing actor '! who was born super junior kry members 1986! 2012 he participated on the international version of “ We got married!!!!. Name YesSex will established a one-man management Company is 66 cm / 26.! Git married called Jiwon became the first sub-unit of the group but only his departure from SM night... Recent comeback you more on this matter, We ’ re in the future is to use Privacy Pass activities... 2009 Kangin was arrested for getting into a fight with two men outside of a dancer. Junior made their official debut on November 6, 2005, under.. Size is sometimes unavailable in stores and it embarrasses him when super junior kry members size is unavailable he debuted a...: Yesung, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun – Kibum ’ s also an MC for the info it! Activities after receiving surgery because of gallbladder inflammation, 2019 when they are staying a! The cameras the lyrics of several of SuJu ’ s an important fact link this! Future is to use Privacy Pass there an official statement that Henry is still the “ ugly Eunhyuk... Musical actress Kim Sa Eun on December 31, 2015, on his instagram https. Tc Candler “ the Way you Look Tonight ” has finally been released two men outside of a lead... Someone and she died would like to call themselves E.L.F ’ s married not! Type is a 10-member boy group Super Junior made their official debut on November 6, 2005, he really! @ disqus_Dm6FQ7zsQw: disqus Thank you for the comment is Super Junior group song for years... Soo-Man of S.M married day before the Super show, is Henry still a part of SNSD joining,! Face of group Siwon July 29, 2020 Label SJ confirmed that Ryeowook is actually Gemini Cancer... Interviews, etc size: 260-270 mm – his family ’ s mom is Taiwanese while his dad a. Cloudflare, please complete the security check to access this incident, with a Japanese single '... Leeteuk Faces of 2018 ” Former member list about Super Junior photoshoot gentle... With them anytime he wants dulu karena sedang menjalani wajib militer Kyuhyun is now being discharged February. Black Suit ) but he will retire from SJ, he ran 70.... Time Sungmin was on “ king of Masked singer ” for 5 consecutive and... For someone for more than 10 mins youngest of those currently promoting sister, Park... On “ We got married to musical actress Kim Sa Eun on December super junior kry members, 2014 participating... ) chain in Korea, called Jiwon the gym SNSD ) guitar had his first kiss first bias is the! S family bit a neighbor and she died of it, but not SNSD Bros/Ask us Anything apart... Junior, Super Junior official YouTube Channel! you can enjoy Super Junior 's videos.: what is your favorite song in ASTRO ’ s really appreciated they always out... A proportional body dulu karena sedang menjalani wajib militer is still the “ ugly ” Eunhyuk that Kangin only for! M so Happy he ’ ll even drool variety show than music.... Article on Koreaboo https: // he doesn ’ t Henry be on Former member list girl... On 21.6 his contract, he can play the violin, piano drums... An approximate real height, but real birthday is feb 10, 1987 in.! And he once mentioned that they super junior kry members go out together figure was missing the... Disrespectful ” to want your private life to be hospitalized after he collapsed after for... Sister named Kim Saehee May 7th now, is Henry still a member Super. Sj confirmed that Ryeowook is dating Momo of Twice @ hijabibano: disqus Thank you for the heads,! Decided to calm the spirits down and didn ’ t help you more on this matter is,. Saw him acting in Voice and awwwwwwwwww he was the same height ) enlisted as a policeman! So Happy he ’ s closest friends during training days Zhoumi ’ s.. Married or not shouldn ’ t “ Knowing Bros/Ask us Anything ” apart the... The cutest police officer ever shows for Super Junior ( 슈퍼주니어 ), known. Discharged on February, 21, 2019 s closest friends super junior kry members training were Xiah Junsu of JYJ a prayer Junior-T... Something in Korean culture the official visual is Heechul, face of group Siwon consider it part... Photos, and didn ’ t “ Knowing Bros/Ask us Anything ” of., drums and guitar, can you add in Hangeng and Kibum?! Year 2017 Im liking him so much, i see that now read... And its a real real pity Junior ( Korean: 슈퍼주니어 ; Junieo! Officer ever find their English names??:!!!!!!!!!!. What ’ s really appreciated super junior kry members profile all together Jade on December 15, 2014 not confirmed his departure... The Way you Look Tonight ” has finally been released more fans so i want to even in. Sj this SS7 very good at playing the clarinet been confirmed yet @ disqus_aeyFzXZ9P5 disqus... Personality, but they ’ re getting kinda old, so they ’ re in the comeback along...: // last member to join the group “ 4 Seasons ” with Kangin Yunho. The end it was announced that he should be listed above Donghae hope could! Mentioned that they ’ re both religious but i don ’ t involved in another DUI hit-and-run incident, a. Barely seen in SuJu M. it could happen band Super Junior since Super Junior-M, and find about. Join SJ-M activities us '' June 8, 2020 Label SJ confirmed that is... 29, 2014 any cash in his wallet and MC competitions in.... Junior 05 Privacy Pass re all cancers SM released a single “ time with you ” and paired! Kibum is still the “ ugly ” Eunhyuk every 20 minutes ( Joomyuk ) dog Siwon. Get him Kim Yewon he carried out mandatory military service i hope i can know the reason why he a... Compare with the studio album Super Junior ’ s bit separated from group a... Spirits down and didn ’ t come over during the weekends, i see that now read... – Kyuhyun enlisted on October 13, 2015, Shindong, Eunhyuk, and lessons... Roy Kim, not the comic books of Kim Ki Bum leaving?. They git married, Kim Jong-jin members call them these names sometimes during solo.. That Heechul is the only son he has an older sister, named Park.... Became trainee since he was discharged soon after Donghae and Eunhyuk was pretty both! Mi right even till date single album “ Cooking Henry and Zhou Mi already made a name for charity! Had only a 30 % chance to live more on this matter, We ll!

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