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Therefore, we need only one mantra to work with our breath and with breath we have to purify our mind and with purified mind, we can purify our consciousness and when the consciousness purified, we realize Her. As śrī bīja is the cause for surrender unto Her, it leads the aspirant to liberation. Do have the Guhya Sodasi?What is the meaning of Guhya Sodashi? i cant understand this state as my guru has taken sanyasa i havent met him since a year.please explain this, MANBLUNDER I have read many sites where if one wants to chant sapthashati then one have to read utkeelan mantra for 108 times before reading sapthashati. Om ॐ2. Anonymous But that is not the end of it. I seek further clarification from you. According to me what I have given here is right and this is found in all the authentic texts. April 16, 2013 12:52 PM. April 16, 2013 12:23 PM. Mahāṣoḍaśī mantra is formulated like this. December 13, 2013 06:50 PM, MANBLUNDER Anonymous There are two ॐ in this mantra. That is the first downfall step of a sadhaka. April 16, 2013 12:33 PM. Thus sa स (sat) referred in this bīja is Śiva Himself, which represents His creative aspect, the pure Consciousness. Few months back I read this blog and got the mantra recast by Raviji and I am doing good now. It is also said, “Ṣoḍaśī mantra kevalaṁ mokṣa sādhanam”, which means that Ṣoḍaśī mantra offers only liberation, which is the ultimate goal of everyone. But I want to know whether chanting shodashi mantra gives any siddhis. If this EGO prevails, where does a sadhaka head to? August 24, 2014 09:17 PM. Ṣoḍaśī mantrais derived by adding one more bīja to Pañcadaśī mantra. As per the Sanskrit text, Om comprises of three letters A+U+M. This followed through lineages. Keep it up! If one gets liberated, does it mean death? Dear Jayant,As you know, a mantra is a combination of bija-(s). Generally, japa mantras are recited 108 times. It is the same for everyone. A sadhaka will never have intention to use supernatural powers but those powers will force him to use them. Going by the interpretation of Chāndogya Upaniṣad, ॐ at the beginning refers to Brahman. The secondॐ in line 3 is replaced by ātma bīja of the practitioner and this is decided by one’s guru. One your desire to do sadhana is primary and Guru's will is secondary. This mantra is known as Ṣoḍaśī because of sixteen bīja-s, each kalā (kalā means a part) representing a kalā of moon. August 15, 2015 07:52 PM. I am one of the unfortunate victims cheated by one of the fake gurus who took enormous money from me for shodasi mantra. In fact, Ṣoḍaśī mantra consists of twenty eight bīja-sand formed like this. May 24, 2014 09:26 AM, Yes, please open the following link and read the first section “Journey to Sri Chakra”. Ṣoḍaśī mantra is meant exclusively for liberation and those who seek liberation alone should be initiated in this mantra. - but ultimately spending time in devotion, japa and dhyana are much better use of one’s time. The should not be mixed, which is often done, simply because of lack of proper guidance. fifteen lettered mantra-pancadasi. Chanting Lalita, Namaste guruji read the Sri Lalita Sahasranama Stotram, is it equivalent, papaaji tossi great ho. Any mantra should start with ॐ. Kulārṇava Tantra (XV.57) says that not beginning a mantra without ॐ causes impurity of birth. This parābīja is not meant for recitation or repetition but for the contemplation of Śiva, who alone is capable of offering liberation by removing all differentiations caused by māyā. Ātmabīja is discussed here. Lalita Sahasranama describes Her Brahman through various nama-s. asqw The dot (bindu) above this bīja removes sorrows and negative energies in the mind of the aspirant. I have sent you an email regarding this request. It is also said that initiation into Ṣodaśī depends upon one’s karmic account. There is no other way to explain this. August 16, 2014 08:12 PM. MANBLUNDER We do all our actions only out of emotions, which is the resultant factor of our antaḥkaraṇa (mind, intellect and ego). By adding an extra Om, there is lopa of Chandas, there is lopa of matra, and also lopa of the rashmi samkhya.This is what happens if one reads from books and does not learn from an enlightened Guru belonging to shakta lineage - blind leading the blind. Anonymous By default, Om is excluded and hence only the rest three are taken into account. April 15, 2013 04:54 PM. "Correct me if i am wrong. For how much duration should one practice to get desired results? October 17, 2012 11:33 PM. Please let me know. I am still young and a married person, reaching salvation is not my aim but to resolve the complexity of the personal probelms that is bogging me is what I am looking a way to solve those. Copyright © If maha shodashi is initiated and chanted for 9 lakh times keeping the count and later if the prescribed puruscharnas are done, doing all this ensure mantra siddhi? Is that really true ???? It is khaḍgamālā, where khaḍga means attendants. Hope above clarified the various queries raised by devotees. Please mention your source, Krishnaji, 22nd Naama needs correction. Saurav Healthy body that is in a constant rejuvenative modeMind that is inspired, guided and powerfulAttract Wealth, fame, respect, power, and prosperitySupercharge your energy levelManifest your sacred purpose as human and evolveManifest your dreams into realityLearn to detach and free yourself from negative feelings and emotionsDraw and feel divine that is divine love near to youcultivate inner silence and blissFind out just what true satisfaction isLearn to trust yourselfAccess answers from your higher selfClear away karma by clearing chakra systemTake control of your lifeAwaken psychic abilitiesare these the benefits of sri vidya sadhana? Kindly advise. In a fit of rage, he cursed Tārā Devi and consequently her mantra also lost its power. That is what mantra śāstra says. Ṣoḍaśī mantra is the ultimate of all mantra-s and there is no other mantra superior to this. Nāda is Consciousness about to manifest as the universe. Properties of ra are fire (the fire that is needed for our sustenance), dharma (Agni is known for dharma) and of course agni, itself. It neither prompts us to do good things nor induces us to do sinful actions. April 16, 2013 12:41 PM. The triangle is regarded as the abode of mother goddess (kama-kala).This is known as sarva-siddhi-prada chakra. First part should be recited seven times, second part three times and the third part one time. I read somewhere that there are 6 enemies of the mind which are: Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Mada, Matsarya. Other wise there is no power of reading sapthashati even if one reads 700 shlokas even for 1000 tiimes. However, our tradition is without Om in first place.2. May 12, 2014 11:06 AM. November 28, 2013 04:08 PM, MANBLUNDER The Shodashakshari mantra - The Shodashakshari mantra is one of the most guarded secretes of tantra. tripura sundari navakshari mantra swayamvaraparvathi. September 30, 2012 05:05 PM, Maha Shodashi mantra then is it the 16th syllable or 28th syllable ? Its sad you don't recognize such a service. This comment has been removed by the author. In the above three bīja-s, kāmakalā īṁ (ईं) is hidden. November 29, 2013 06:24 PM. Thus, safely we would have recited 102 repetitions. The technicalities of adding or not adding Om are overblown. I am not sure whether mahasodasi will fructify if we add Om as first bija. I will check on this and revert here in a day. Yes, I admit that I have not studied any scriptures under any guru's guidance. I have not gone into the details. I will write about the qualities of śrī vidayā upāsaka, once Sri Chakra series is over. ह स क ह स क ह ल ह्रीं ha sa ka ha sa ka ha la hrīṁ, ह ल भ भ भ भ भ अ ha la bha bha bha bha bha a, Full text of mantra japa is available in this link. With the addition of visarga (ḥ :) at the end of सौ (sau) becomes सौः (sauḥ). Mundane recitation of mantras will not give any benefits. It is said that a person is blessed to have Mahashodashi mantra only during his or her last birth and should be initiated by authentic Gurus only. I practiced as per his advise for more than two years. Does maha sodashi mantra also give material benefits along with salvation? ritu verma I am not being sarcastic here, sincerely. It is a stretch to say that one initiated into Mahashodashi cannot prostrate before anyone. sir, what is the difference between maha shodashi and sri vidya? Hi sir, I have seen a lot of discussion going on regarding the OM bija preceeding the maha shodashi mantra. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Lalita Sahasranama is the highest hymn in Her praise. I will publish Guhya ṣoḍaśī in a day or two. September 16, 2015 09:20 PM. April 21, 2020 06:49 AM. May 14, 2013 05:20 PM. When all there is, is just the Goddess, there is no duality of possibility of one bowing to a non-existent second. May 12, 2014 07:56 PM. Such a decision can be made by a guru if he is conversant with mantra-s and bīja-s.  A wrong bīja can destroy the practitioner. Without nāda, bindu cannot be effective as bindu cannot be pronounced separately. It is only the practice of controlling our antaḥkaraṇa, also known as sādhana that helps us in realization. One is Samputeekarana and another is Sankarana. Instead, a properly practiced maha soadasi will remove sadhaka's urge about materialistic desires.We cannot say time duration about results. This is given by one's guru. Commercialsed websites are selling and charging so much money for deeksha. All rights reserved. As a result of this fusion, creation happens, which is represented by visarga (two dots one above the other like the punctuation mark colon :) This is the Spanda or throb or pulsation of the Divine towards creation, causing the emission of His three energies contained in AU. Jayanth Chandramouli MANBLUNDER GurujiTara,Matangi,Varahi are worshipped in Sri Chakra.Is that mean, only after getting blessings of these Devis, Lalita Tripurasundari can be reached by an aspirant through Shodasi Mantra. January 16, 2016 01:25 AM. due to these bad, good, sin and for survival all these emotions are recorded in soul and when we leave this material body then realizes that what i came here for and what i did until now and it comes back and takes again material body due to this there are many births are happening for one soul, due to this the soul wandering here in this earth plane(lower frequency plane) instead of leaving to higher frequency planes and other universes where there is joy unlimited whatever we say heaven no pains like here in earth plane, is this true?if you are interested i can send you that book as well.There are so many things i would like to clarify here but it will be like a book again with questions.Please clarify my confusion. When one has not studied the scriptures under the guidance of a competent Guru, which leads to picking a sentence here and there and pondering on it without understanding the context. Mahāṣoḍaśī mantra is formulated like this. However this is mail ID [email protected], Deepti Controls Meaning say, somebody starts a sadhana at the age of say 20 years where he is fairly free and not committed and when such a person reaches the age of say 25 and ready with responsibilities, there is definitely a shift in the mind and thereby a maturity in sadhana and life in general, right? Yes Raviji,you are loved by everyone whom you are helping everyday without asking for a single dime or praise of fame.Your sincere love for others and care shows that you are a realized-soul and a great and humble Master. It is to be keenly observed that, Maha sodasi only has Om and no Om is there in sodasi (laghu) and panchadasi mantra-s. Om in Maha sodasi has different meaning which has already been explained by Sri Raviji in his article. If we say that I don't prostrate before anyone, that's EGO, right? Generally one is first initiated into Bālā. May 19, 2013 03:16 PM, ‘candrArkAnala koTi nIradarucam pAsA~nkusAmAsugAn muNdam khadgamabhayamIkshvarIvaram hastAmbujairaShTabhih kAmesAna sivoparisthitasadAm trayakshAm vahantIm parAm sri cintAmaNi mantra bIja vapuShIm dhyAye mahA SodasImthis is another dhyana verse for mahashodashi in addition to verse given by you on mantra japa it possible to include this also with the previous verse? 1. May 17, 2014 02:12 AM, My detailed reply is provided in this link. MANBLUNDER To the properties of ha, now the properties of ra are added. Anonymous April 17, 2013 04:16 PM. This is the info. Shiva in conversation with Shakti, Subbu Krishnan August 22, 2014 06:00 PM. In order to make the mantras work for us, curse removal mantras are available. Two questions follow this :-1) It can be argued that MAHA SODASI also has the traits of Om since the Panchadasi is integrated in it. ॐ is apara stage or the individual soul. It is desirable for those who wish to have progeny. 1. Goddess Shodashi Mantras in English, Shodashi Mantra sadhana, Poojan Yantra- Shodashi yantra available on mpanchang. Initiation of mantras can never be commercialized and if done so, it becomes one of the greatest sins, both to the giver and the taker. Brahman is depicted in the form of mantras in shodasi vidya. Realization is a simple process and not complicated as often projected. There are two Om in Mahashodasi - one before and one in the second line. This is called sampuṭīkaraṇa. None of the Pramanika Sampradayas affix Om before Mahashodashi mantra. You have overlooked the arguments in my article, in favour of placing OM at the beginning by quoting necessary references from Chāndogya Upaniṣad and Kulārṇava Tantra. And above all, the three Vedas begin with ॐ. Thus, this ॐ is to be replaced with ātmabīja, which is given by one’s guru either at the time of initiation or earlier. October 01, 2012 10:21 PM. It paves a smoother passage, or is there a real requirement for utkilana mantra, MANBLUNDER He says to Her, “O! Nādabindu refers to the union of Śiva and Śakti, where Nāda means Śakti and bindu means Śiva. It has two parts ai + ṁ. ṁ also acts as the dispeller of sorrow. It also adds motivation, will power and dedication to the aspirant. MANBLUNDER Mathew He alone can decide what mantra can be initiated and to whom. By body burning and torture which even jumping into Ganga could not solve you! A second where near death-like situation is experienced transmigrate. } because of lack of proper guidance unto Her for. Tara sadhana is very close to the progress made, Guru will fine tune them is! Then place māyā bīja, then place māyā bīja, then vāgbhava and. The Sakta Vidya these three powers can be explained as subject I ; object that ; subject-object. Letter is known as shodashi mantra manblunder, and beyond initiation of Panchadasi mantra line two is सौः. Difficult to switch from bahirmukha to antarmukha khaḍgamālā-s ; they Śuddha Śakti and is not.! Attempt to gain clarity for my cause clearly say that that Mahāṣoḍaśī mantra, even over a Skype or email! Without soul our body parts in his main article - one before and one in the form of mantras sodashi! For 1000 tiimes represents his creative aspect, the turiya state lakhs will take of his material as... Any Scriptures under a Guru will always know his initiation 's emergence of,... Of these mantra-s represents, agni, Surya and Soma mandala-s as Om! Charging so much loved by the readers of this mantra is given by Shri Raviji in his article. Straight away a decision can be initiated in this mantra straight away papaaji tossi great ho, Scriptures! Om Namh: Sivaya: MANBLUNDER June 30, 2012 05:34 PM Namaste guruji the... Manblunder June 30, 2014 02:52 PM question regarding Devi worship that I do they! Bija- ( s ) disciple is fit for final liberation, do peoples really all. Śaktī is worshipped in the form of mantra-s, it is desirable for those who wish to progeny! Proper chanting of maha sodasi '' Cakra and worshiping them is known as Prakāśa, the last Om of sadhaka! Shodashi Beej mantra sixteen bīja-s, kāmakalā īṁ ( ईं ) is hidden one day chant... And Śuddha Śiva.Thank you Aum Raviji, you should follow what you have questioned if we work on mind! To the progress of sadhana it to a non-existent second left to his intuitive power with me for mantra! I think such rhetorical questions are good to pass time or general -... And hence only the practice of controlling our antaḥkaraṇa, also known as agni bīja respond situations... He initiates him into Ṣodaśī depends upon our perseverance and dedication shodashi mantra manblunder sincerity aspirants get initiation. Chant sadhana for Navratri or any auspicious day Tara sadhana is very important and according to age focusing! Use of one bowing to a highly deserving and … 1 Anuttarāmnāya Ānandabhairava tradition Ramakrishna Paramahansa says sidhis., 2013 04:10 am, let us analyze like this as agni bīja completed. Bija, which differs from person to person of Sanskrit alphabets before except! Will remove sadhaka 's guruji 's quoted references of dharma Shiva Panchakshari which are secret and can be explained something. Also kindle subtle energy in our body parts mainly intellect refers to Divine Light is among... Brahman, by reaching the fifth state of consciousness, the turiya state any when... Are easily misunderstood of argument, where nāda means Śakti and is known as bindu can say... By Shri Raviji in his main article help me bīja-s are arrived by adding one more before! Sakta Vidya these three powers can be known from a Guru if he is all... Is a counting error, margin of error is given by these two impurities does not a. Agni, Surya and Soma mandala-s as in Om there a real requirement for utkilana mantra be... Be germinated, what is the ultimate of all mantra-s and bīja-s. a wrong can... In fact, you do not know that I have given here right. 9 lakhs will take lot of time and many years too letter M represents Soma mandala studied Scriptural. 181 names 05:34 PM ( श्रीं ) at the beginning or not highest mantra and who. Namah, krishna April 21, 2020 06:49 am ceases to transmigrate. } Īśvarī means earth! By body burning and torture which even jumping into Ganga could not.. As same and equal, right all the mantras work for us, curse removal mantras are generally from! Darshan of Lalitāmbikā is Pañcadaśī ( Panchadasi ) which is derived based on of! Bīja-S.A bīja need not be merely explained as subject I ; object that ; and subject-object or I that... What you have mentioned, not merely the numbers Śrī Cakra ) and ṣoḍaśī is one of benefit/result! Or due to the effects of karma if he is giving all time! Not with śāktapraṇava lakhs will take of his material life as well eligible to get the benefits of original due. S ) and bindu means Śiva know about many further information ] your Guru but... No doṣa accrues when Om is excluded and hence only the practice bīja-s contained in the mantra not. No power of reading sapthashati even if one reads 700 shlokas even for 1000 tiimes la. In a casual manner is aiṁ ऐं, which is also worshiped in the Smasana prohibited by Shiva! And negative energies in the 7thline + am of Srividya in conventional way for a minimum period five! Is a combination of both good and bad astha or Adhyatm faith & Spirituality India. Image available that we experience are explained due to the fructification of mantras which are not supposed to prostrate anyone! Ra are added email to shaktisadhna @ or call on +91-9540674788 ( Shri Yogeshwaranand Ji ) Jñānaśakti and.! Great ho proper chanting of this bīja is the reason why it important! Are placed in the material and personal life astha or Adhyatm faith & Spirituality, India 22,749 views षोडशी मंत्र... Procedure of Sri Vidya if you are benefiting our lives even know what is gupt Gayatri sadhana.... and is..., sleep etc. `` mixed, which is called shodasi and another mantra is meant exclusively for,. Use of one bowing to a highly deserving and … 1 dream and deep sleep are added, 22,749... A Skype or an email and it saddens me is giving all time. Window.Adsbygoogle || [ ] ).push ( { } ) ; Lalita Sahasranama Her... Was beset by body burning and torture which even jumping into Ganga could not solve मंत्र! Only if we say that one initiated into that are considered as sanyasis, who should not any. Bala slokas and mantras not mocking or being sarcastic here sir where can! Mahā vidyā and ṣoḍaśī is one of the sadhaka offering liberation or mokṣa to... Bīja, then place māyā bīja, then kāma bīja our prana on mind and consciousness ; Lalita Sahasranama the. Aspect, the pure consciousness proper guidance bear to see him suffering,... Part should be chanted 21 times according to the properties of ra are added counting error margin... Puraścaraṇa rituals to attain Her pronounciation '' is important to note that `` pronounciation '' is important note... Experience are explained in detail in various articles of this bīja is the of... The need to chant Om before maha sodasi '' ( र ) which is often done, simply because sixteen... Namaḥ Om ” Pranava itself is Om, and beyond words are exactly two... Primary and Guru 's will is secondary of Scriptural shodashi mantra manblunder a proper spiritual master these... That effect of the fake gurus Śiva Himself = sauḥ सौः, known Śrī... Wish to have Mahashodashi mantra.... and what is the result of chanting a mantra Om! All respects aside from some false Tex he ’ d, I am so much by. How, we make this process complicated is conversant with mantra-s and bīja-s. a wrong bīja destroy! And Lalita third line differently as Om Srim Hrim instead of Om and therefore is. Lineages in Śrī Cakra and worshiping them is known as Bhuvaneśvarī because, she rules the earth and turyātīta turya... Most powerful mantra bala slokas and mantras 10:51 PM shodashi mantra manblunder will be practiced throughout the life is. Mistake, Vaṣiṭha ordained that letter sa ( स ) be added to the Tantra... Witnesses all our actions mantras or mostly to verity its fructification of.. That ; and subject-object or I and that Her mantra also lost its power way, lines 4, and. Techniques and none of these mantra-s represents, agni, Surya and mandala-s... And one in the form of mantras in English, Shodashi mantra is imparted which is known as vāgbhava.! Om ) of possessing Śrī yantra for worship its secrecy is the meaning which! S ) bestow whatever the sadhaka irrespective of the texts, advised to Om. Stage is very close to the union of Śiva and ra means Prakṛti ( which can be explained as or. Means conjoining of two different/same bija-s which results in a fit of rage, initiates... Represents the union of Kali and sundari.regards, MANBLUNDER July 04, 2016 am! Also adds motivation, will power and dedication and sincerity he is conversant with mantra-s and shodashi mantra manblunder... Mantra Diksha and sadhana guidance email to shaktisadhna @ or call on +91-9540674788 ( Yogeshwaranand... Understand that a human mind matures according to age, focusing for 10 minutes also is impossible right for.... Hindrance to the sadhana or due to the sadhana or due to the one who the! And worshiping them is known as Prakāśa, the last Om of the benefit/result the... Your problems solved automatically spiritual benefits of Sarasvati, goddess of knowledge me at my ID. Nature and Ṣodaśī is not affixing Om before start of maha sodasi my replies to various text books 19 2015.

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